Haylie Bouldin, 18 (or so): Loved chicken, barking, sunshine and riding shotgun on her mom’s shoulder

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Dearly departed Haylie Bouldin with her loving dog-mom, Linda Bouldin.

EPSOM, NH – Miss Haylie Bouldin crossed over the rainbow bridge Dec. 8 after 18 years of joyful life, the loving best friend to Epsom resident Linda Bouldin. Haylie’s greatest delight was being with Linda’s granddaughter, Sophia Biondolillo, but she also loved chicken, barking, laying in the sun, and most especially, riding on Linda’s shoulder in the car.

Linda adopted Haylie from a kill shelter when Haylie was about six years old. Sophia and Haylie were inseparable, inspiring a preschool-aged Sophia to write a song about her. The lyrics are simply: “Haylie Haylie Haylie, I love you so much Haylie.” In her lifetime, Haylie served as inspiration for other forms of art. A few months ago, Linda painted Haylie’s portrait at Muse Paintbar in Manchester.

During COVID, Haylie hunkered down with Linda and they kept each other company. Sometimes Haylie would call family members on the phone to let them know that Linda was going nuts.

As Haylie’s vision failed, she enjoyed sitting in Mayor Joyce Craig’s campaign office and watching the contrast of people and cars passing by the big sunny windows.

Being a portable dog at only four pounds, Haylie was able to travel the country. This summer she got to see the lights of NYC at night. Once her vision and hearing were completely gone, Haylie’s favorite scent was Sophia.

A Life Well Lived: Tribute to Haylie in Photos

As Linda’s best friend, Haylie got involved in politics. She visited the grounds of the State House in Concord, canvassed for Manchester candidates, and helped out on campaigns by holding the volunteers down while they prepped mailers.

Haylie was also involved in nonprofit work, helping out with local outreach Shire Sharing by keeping the younger volunteers occupied while Linda prepped bags of Thanksgiving groceries for delivery in Manchester.

Haylie was an enthusiastic friend to all she knew, friendly always to humans, dogs, and cats alike (but not lobbyists). Her greatest love was her family.

Miss Haylie has been a tired old girl for the last few months, but she did get to enjoy some delicious chicken-only meals this week. Today Sophia sang Haylie her song one last time, and Haylie got lots of scritches, ear rubs, and kisses. Before the veterinarian could even start the medicine, Haylie passed away in Linda’s arms, surrounded by loving family. Haylie will always be missed.

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Amanda Bouldin

Amanda Bouldin lives in Manchester and represents Hillsborough District 12 as a NH State Rep. She is founder and president of Shire Sharing, a nonprofit organization that provides Thanksgiving meals to needy families in the Granite State.