Girard files for recount on Friday

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Rich Girard on Sept. 21, 2021. Photo/Andrew Sylvia

UPDATE: 1:44 p.m. 10/1/21 – After approximately five hours of recounting the ballots, the final tally shows Joyce Craig with 5,488 votes; Victoria Sullivan with 2,459 votes; Rich Girard with 2,453 votes; 109 ballots with no mayoral vote and 17 write-in votes.

UPDATE: 2:14 p.m. – Girard has removed the sentence regarding Windham from his official statement.

Mike Biundo, General Consultant to the Victoria Sullivan Campaign for Mayor, made the following statement.

“We are confident in the margin of last Tuesday’s results. With nearly 50% of the voters coming out against the incumbent, she is extremely beatable. Our campaign is solely focused on defeating Mayor Craig, saving the city from Craig’s chaos, and making it shine again.”

UPDATE: 12:19 p.m. – Girard has officially filed for a recount and released this statement.

“As President Ronald Reagan famously said, ‘Trust, but verify.’ Since announcing I was considering a recount, I have heard from dozens of supporters who’ve encouraged me to ask for one. No supporter has said not to. Given how hard fought the race was, how diligently our team worked, how very close the result was and that nearly 10% of the votes cast were by absentee ballot, I think it reasonable and appropriate to recount the vote. I also think that what happened in the 2020 state representative races in Windham makes it imperative to verify the results in a race where the margin of victory was so close. If nothing else, it will give people confidence in the results and the machines that counted them.”

MANCHESTER, N.H. – In Tuesday’s Municipal Primary Election, former Alderman and Board of School Committee At-Large Rich Girard finished just 1.23% behind former State Representative Victoria Sullivan for the chance to challenge incumbent Mayor Joyce Craig this fall. On Thursday night, he informed Manchester Ink Link that he may request a recount on Friday.

On Tuesday, Girard seemed unlikely to seek a recount unless one was ordered by the city itself, however after further investigation he has become open to the possibility of a recount.

“I have clarified with the city clerk that the current difference in votes will allow for a recount. I have obtained the necessary paperwork and understand the filing process,” said Girard on Thursday night. “I will make a decision tomorrow and welcome people’s feedback whether a recount should be done. I am inclined to do one at this point for no other reason than what happened in Windham, it’s not a bad idea to have results be verified by a hand count. Period.”

Sullivan received 2,545 of the total mayoral votes cast on Tuesday compared to Girard’s 2,417 votes.

Craig received 5,477 votes.