Calling all seafood lovers

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The Sandi Lynn II out of Seabrook Harbor, a CSF supplier
The Sandi Lynn II out of Seabrook Harbor, a CSF supplier

On Mondays, Andrea Tomlinson sends an e-newsletter to the more than 300 members of New Hampshire’s only Community Supported Fishery (CSF). The e-newsletter features the catch for that week, the history of the fish, recipes and the fisherman’s name and a photo of his boat. She then heads to the docks to start her nightly routine of buying fish for the Tuesday through Friday deliveries.

For seafood lovers and supporters of the slow food movement, you could only get fresher if you caught it yourself.

“Our motto is from boats to kitchens within 24 hours,” said Tomlinson, who is the Manager of NH Community Seafood, which runs the CSF.

If this piques your interest, you’ve got less than a week to buy a share in New Hampshire Community Seafood ‘s CSF. The next six-week session starts August 24. (The drop dead, pro-rated date is August 31)

11400987_998588033515255_4087992577533367113_n“The CSF benefits everyone. Consumers get a high quality fish and they are supporting local fishermen who are struggling with the increasingly strict fishing regulations, but are working hard to stay in business,” said Tomlinson.

The CSF program works like this: CSF members sign up for a six week session and receive their filleted fish once a week at their choice of eighteen different pickup locations throughout New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. In Manchester, the CSF pick-up is Thursdays, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. at the Farmers’ Market on Concord Street, near Victory Park.

The ‘catch of the week’ varies. Previous fish shipments have included Acadian Redfish, American Plaice, Gulf of Maine Cod, Haddock, Gulf of Maine Yellowtail Flounder, Winter Flounder, Atlantic Pollock, King Whiting, Monkfish, White Hake, Cusk, or Dogfish (Cape) Shark.

Tomlinson said that the species of fish caught are sustainably harvested, but have long been under-utilized and are not always commonly known. The CSF introduces the different species by providing history, recipes and cooking ideas, mostly through the organization’s Pinterest and the weekly e-newsletter.

“All of the fish we sell is white, flaky, and firm fleshed. Our members are telling us that it is just as good, if not better than Cod. They are delighted with the selection, “said Tomlinson.

NFH communityCSF members choose the amount of fish they’d like to receive each week, from ½ pound ($40 per session), 1 pound ($80 per session), or 2 pound shares ($160 per session), and can choose add-ons each week such as extra fish and NH grown oysters. Session 4 will run until November 22 and if supplies last, the CSF will offer a four -week Holiday-Stock Your Freezer session in December complete with fish, lobster and oysters, all from New Hampshire fishermen.

For more information, visit or call 603-767-7209. To sign-up for the CSF, click here.