Disorderly man gets booted from two city hotels, stiffs cabbie for ride to second hotel

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Thomas McMahon
Thomas McMahon

MANCHESTER, NH – Officer Michael McGee responded to the Radisson Hotel at 2 a.m. this for a disorderly subject refusing to vacate the premises. The subject, Thomas McMahon, 29 of Danville, New Hampshire allegedly caused a disturbance while staying at the hotel.

Staff members asked McMahon to leave the property based on his loud and boisterous behavior in the hotel. His actions caused complaints from other guests of the hotel, so staff members tried to reason with McMahon prior to contacting the police department. McMahon refused to comply with the staff members, but after Officer McGee arrived on scene he conceded and vacated the premises. McMahon was placed in a cab and transported to the Econo Lodge.

Officer McGee was called to the Econo Lodge less than thirty minutes after McMahon arrived for another disorderly subject call for service. Upon arrival, he discovered it was the same individual he spoke with at the Radisson. McMahon had allegedly thrown his clothes in the front lobby after refusing to pay the taxi driver for his ride to the hotel. McMahon was also denied a room at the Econo Lodge due to his behavior.

Officer McGee convinced the subject to pay the taxi driver but was told by hotel staff that McMahon was not welcome at the hotel. McMahon refused to leave the premises, so he was charged with disorderly conduct. McMahon resisted the arrest by pulling away from the officer as he attempted to place him into restraints. McMahon was subsequently charged with resisting arrest/detention for failing to comply with lawful orders during the process.

McMahon was scheduled to appear in the 9th Circuit Court-Manchester on August 25, 2015, but posted bail, according to Lt. Brian O’Keefe.

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