High winds tumble 3 tractor-trailers at Franconia Notch

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High winds at Franconia Notch tumbled three tractor-trailers, one of them falling onto a State Police cruiser. Photo/NH DOT

FRANCONIA NOTCH, NH – On April 16, 2018 at approximately 2:26 p.m. the State Police received a report that two tractor-trailers had rolled over in Franconia Notch near Old Man viewing. Troopers responded to the scene and found themselves in the midst of extremely dangerous high winds.

Those high winds initially caused two tractor-trailers to blow over. One tractor trailer had been traveling north when the wind blew the trailer off the tractor and over the guardrail off the right side of the road, crushing guardrail and highway signs.

A second tractor-trailer traveling south had its trailer blown off the tractor, over the center guardrail and onto the northbound lane.

While Troopers were dealing with those crashes another tractor-trailer, traveling north, tipped over and struck a State Police patrol car while the Trooper was inside. No one was injured.

Interstate 93 at Franconia Notch was temporarily shut down to remove vehicle from the travel lane. Once the road was clear it was re-opened to regular traffic. Tractor-trailers are still being diverted away from Franconia Notch due to the hazardous winds.

The trailers have been dragged off the side of the road at this time due to the dangers of trying to remove them.

State Police ask the motoring public to use extreme caution in the Franconia Notch area.