Catch up with the Granite State Gubernatorial debates

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Clockwise from left: Ted Gatsas (R); Chris Sununu (R); Colin Van Ostern (D); Frank Edleblut (R); Connolly (D); Steve Marchand (D); and center, Jennie Forrester (R).
Clockwise from top left: Ted Gatsas (R); Chris Sununu (R); Colin Van Ostern (D); Frank Edelblut (R); Mark Connolly (D); Steve Marchand (D); and center, Jennie Forrester (R).

MANCHESTER, NH – On Tuesday night all seven gubernatorial candidates showed up for the Granite State Debates on WMUR.

Republicans Ted Gatsas, Chris Sununu, Frank Edelblut and Jeanie Forrester, and Democrats Steve Marchand, Colin Van Ostern and Mark Connolly fielded questions on a range of topics, including New Hampshire’s opioid crisis, the economy and lack of skilled workers; Common Core; climate change; gun control; immigration policies; education; commuter rail; property taxes; sales tax; and the death penalty.

⇒ Click here to watch the two-hour’s worth of segments on WMUR, organized by topic.

After the debates, statements were issued by the GOP and Democratic state party chairs.

“What we saw tonight was a race to the far-left and a discussion of progressive ideas that are way outside of the mainstream. Calls for increased taxes, taxpayer-funded special interest projects, and increased government control are not what is best for New Hampshire. More government is not the solution to the problems facing our state.

“It’s also telling that when asked, no candidate could say that they find Hillary Clinton to be trustworthy – a stark contrast from the majority of Americans. Our Republican candidates offered a positive vision to grow New Hampshire’s economy, create jobs, keep our state safe, and address the heroin crisis. All have the experience needed to serve in the Corner Office, making the choice this November abundantly clear.”  – State GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Horn

“Chris Sununu, Ted Gatsas, Jeanie Forrester and Frank Edelblut spent an hour tonight competing over who could run farthest to the right. From their unanimous opposition to funding Planned Parenthood’s health care services to opposing the minimum wage to their unwavering support for Donald Trump’s divisive and dangerous candidacy, the Republicans are showing New Hampshire voters just how out-of-touch they are with their values.

“Tonight’s debate was more evidence that as governor, every one of these Republican candidates would put their partisan ideology and political agenda before everyday New Hampshire families. They cannot be given that chance.” – NH Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley

Primary Election Day is Sept. 13.

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