Walking the beat: MPD increasing downtown foot patrol officers for summer

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MANCHESTER, NH — Three Patrol officers are moving over to Community Policing for the summer. They will dedicate themselves to a day time walking beat that focuses on the downtown. The officers will work in pairs, providing coverage seven days a week.

While Elm Street is safe, quality of life issues continue to be a problem. The goal is to not only increase police presence and deter inappropriate behavior but to also to improve the rapport with the community. Manchester Police wants everyone to feel comfortable to venture into downtown and enjoy the city.

“The officers will be a great addition to the Elm Street area for the summer,” says Chief Carlo Capano. “They will work with business owners and serve the public in a professional and friendly manner that will undoubtedly provide a proactive policing approach, answering to the community’s needs.”

Before the officers make their debut on Saturday we would like to give you an introduction. Please join us in welcoming them and be sure to say hello.

Officer Stephen Irwin

Officer Stephen Irwin has been a Manchester Police Officer for 3 ½ years. Prior to this, Irwin served in the United States Marine Corps for five years. Irwin says he wants to make a positive presence in the community and is pleased to have been selected for the downtown walking beat. “I am a highly motivated police officer with a proactive approach to police work,” Irwin says,” I have strong communication skills and I take pride in my ability to build positive relationships with individuals in our community.”

Officer Barry Charest

Barry Charest has been a Manchester Police Officer for five years. He is also in the United States Army Reserves and is a proud veteran.

Charest has been working primarily the midnight shift, so the walking beat will be a chance for him to participate in more community events. Charest says,” I am very excited to spend this summer getting to know local business owners and forming positive relationships. “

Officer Matthew Mara

Matthew Mara has been a Manchester Police Officer for five years. He is an avid sports fan and watches all New England sports teams year round.

Mara has a passion for interacting with different members of the Manchester community.

“I like speaking with them about issues they are having and how we can resolve those issues over time,” says Mara, “I think it is important to have great relationships will these people and I believe the walking beat is crucial.”