Scam Alert: Public should report phony ‘jury duty scam’ calls and not give out info

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A scammer using the name of a real Manchester Police detective is tricking people into sending money as part of the ‘jury duty scam.

MANCHESTER, NH — Manchester Police want to warn the public of a scam that involves a caller purporting to be a local police officer threatening to arrest you if you don’t pay up.

It’s a phony scam meant to trick you into giving information and/or credit card info.

Manchester Police have received several reports from citizens who say a man claiming to be “Detective Lucas Hobbs of the Manchester Police Department” called them to say they missed jury duty and as a result a warrant has been issued for their arrest. They were told to drive to the Manchester Police Department and turn themselves in. 

Based on research police have done, these incidents appear to be part of a nationwide scam known as the “jury duty scam.” Essentially, the people behind the scam research local law enforcement, get real names, and then pretend to be local police officials. It appears the goal is to get potential victims to start driving to the police department, stay on the line with the “officer” and while en route they are told the bail processing systems are down. They are told the only way to bail out is to use a prepaid Visa/MasterCard or money order.

The Manchester Police Department wants the public to know that there is no one from this agency making calls of this nature. We advise the public to never wire or send money to unknown people. 

If you have received a call of this nature, please call Manchester Police at 603-668-8711.