Man charged with felony criminal mischief after damaging a jeep after a bar fight

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MANCHESTER, NH – Manchester Police arrested a Queen City man on July 7, 2018 approximately 2 a.m. after they investigated two separate fight calls in the city. The first altercation took place at Glow Bar around 1:40 a.m. and the next call came in around 1:55 a.m. on Main Street.

A crowd had dispersed Glow Bar prior to police arrival, but two of the individuals involved continued the incident on the West Side of the city. Philip Joseph, 26, of Manchester, allegedly fought with the victim outside of Glow Bar, but followed the man to his Main Street apartment when the fight ended.

Joseph allegedly jumped on the man’s Hyundai and caused over $2,000-worth of damage by breaking both the front and rear windshield. He also damaged the hood and front bumper of the Hyundai before fleeing in a Jeep Wrangler.

The victim and his girlfriend stated one of the passengers in the Jeep may have waved a gun during the incident so they did not exit the apartment while Joseph damaged the vehicle, which belonged to one of their friends. Officers stopped the Jeep Wrangler a short time later and removed the four individuals from the sports utility vehicle. However, no weapon was located inside of the vehicle.

Philp Joseph was charged with criminal mischief (felony) for causing over $1,500-worth of damage. The victim who fought with him earlier in the night stated it was mutual combat, so no one was charged with simple assault. Joseph is scheduled to appear in Hillsborough County Superior Court-North on July 9, 2018.