Youthful enthusiasm: Manchester millennials running in midterms

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MANCHESTER, NH – In what they described as a “response to the current political climate,” there are a number of  “younger” candidates among those running for office in the upcoming election, including those who fall under the millennial and GenX categories.

Meet them below:

Note: The Ward descriptions in this article are approximate. To accurately determine your ward and polling place, enter your address on the Manchester City Clerk web page. If you qualify as a millennial/GenX candidate and aren’t listed below, we want to add you to the list. Contact Laura Aronson at

Ward 1

Ward 1 is in the North End, bounded by the Merrimack River and the Hooksett Town line, and on the south by Webster Street and Smyth Road. The polling place is Webster School Auditorium.

Andrew Fromuth (R) age 33, earned a BA of English at Providence College, and is VP of Sales at Upsnap Inc. His top issues are bringing the young professionals back to NH; decriminalizing marijuana and expanding access for medical marijuana; fostering educational choice; and looking into receiving federal grants for a commuter rail at minimal expense to the taxpayer.

Christine Seibert (D) No profile has been received by press time.

Other candidates in Ward 1:

  • Jeff Goley (D)
  • Dianne M. Langley (D)

Ward 2

Ward 2 is in the North End, bounded by Union Street east to the Hooksett Town line, and Webster Street and Smyth Road south to Pearl and Wellington Streets. The polling place is Hillside Middle School. The polling place is Hillside Middle School.

Israel (“Iz”) Piedra (D), age 28, is a graduate of Bates College and Boston College Law School. He is a lawyer at Welts, White & Fontaine. His top issues are public education, attracting and retaining a robust workforce, and public infrastructure. He wrote, “I’m running because New Hampshire is the greatest state in the country and I want to work to keep it that way.”

Other candidates in Ward 2:

  • Linda DiSilvestro (D) 
  • Thomas J. Evans (D)
  • Anthony B. Pugh (R)
  • Doug Whitfield (R)

Ward 3

Ward 3 is in the North End, from West Clarke and Webster Streets south to Queen City Avenue, and from the Merrimack River to Union Street. The polling place is Carol M. Rines Center.

Nicolas M. Goroff (L), age 34, studied political sciences at Saint Anselm College. He is a writer and content creator. His top issues are family law, criminal justice, and education. He wrote, “New Hampshire needs new voices in its legislature to help shape a brighter future in these turbulent times. I believe my own could be of worthy service.”

Other candidates in Ward 3:

  • Daniel Heck (R)
  • Holly Beene Seal (R)
  • Jean Jeudy (D)
  • Pat Long (D)

Ward 4

Ward 4 is east of Union Street to Eastern Avenue and I-93, and from Pearl St. and Wellington Rd. south to Merrimack and Hanover Streets. The polling place is McDonough School.

Nicole Klein (D), age 30,  earned a BFA and is pursuing an MA in communications at SNHU while she takes time away from work as a communications specialist for a Fortune 500 company. Her top three issues are social equality, the opioid crisis, and community and cultural resources and projects. She wrote, “I am running because I have big opinions on what morally our responsibility and conduct as Americans should be in the world today. Equality shouldn’t be based on your social standing, race, sexuality, or religious preference.”

Other candidates in Ward 4:

  • Donald J. Bouchard (D)
  • Daniel Cuevas (D)
  • Colin Gibson (R)
  • Michael Leviss (R)
  • Jean Mathieu (R)

Ward 5

Ward 5 is east of Union Street and is bounded on the north by Merrimack and Hanover Streets, and on the south by Valley Street and Oakland Avenue. The polling place is Beech Street School.

Amanda Bouldin (D–incumbent), age 33,  completed some college and received a certificate in bookkeeping. She works in the quality assurance field and telecommutes. Her top three issues are: The opioid epidemic, LGBTQ+ rights, and voting rights. She wrote, “The War on Drugs is an ineffectual failure. Those suffering from substance misuse disorders require our help, not our condemnation. There’s always more work to be done, and I’m running because I’m willing to work hard. My record as a legislator shows that I am committed to getting results. I want to help make NH a safer, healthier place for everyone.”

Andrew Bouldin (D), age 31, is a graduate of Oyster River High School in 2004 and received post-secondary education at NHCTC (now known as Great Bay Community College) in Information Systems Technology. He is a Senior Network Engineer at TPx Communications. His top three issues are: The opioid epidemic, education funding, and unions and collective bargaining rights. He wrote, “I believe the people of Manchester’s Ward 5 deserve full representation in Concord that will work hard to address our current challenges. I will fight for labor rights, I will fight for underprivileged populations, and I will fight for our children.”

Other candidate in Ward 5:

  • Lisa M. Freeman (R)

Ward 6

Ward 6 is bounded by Wellington Road south to the Auburn town line, and by I-93 west to the Auburn line, plus some streets from Hanover Street to Cohas Ave. The polling place is Henry J . McLaughlin Middle School.

Peter J. Macone (D) No profile was received as of press time.

  • Kathy J. Desjardin (D)
  • Larry G. Gagne (R)
  • Kirk D. McConville (R)

Ward 7

Ward 7 is bounded by Valley St. and Oakland Ave. south to Shasta St., Vinton St., Cilley Rd., and Island Pond Rd., and from Union St. east to Cushing Ave., Normand St., Renard St., and Benjamin St. The polling place is St. Anthony Community Center.

  • Roger A. Francoeur (D)
  • Mary C. Freitas (D)
  • Mary Heath (D)
  • Andreas W. Reif (R)
  • Roland A. Six (R)

Ward 8

Ward 8 is bounded by Doris St., Vinton St., Cilley Rd. and Cohas Ave. south to the Londonderry town line, and from the Merrimack River east to I-93. The polling place is Memorial High School.

Erika Connors (D-incumbent), age 39, earned a BA in Education with honors from Penn State University. She is the owner and director of Melody Pines Day Camp in Manchester. She is a current member of the NH House of Representatives. She wrote, “New Hampshire needs dedicated representatives who are ready and willing to work hard, listen, and learn.”

Other candidates in Ward 8:

  • Angel C. Brisson (R)
  • Mark Warden (R)
  • Ryan M. Curran (D)

Ward 9

Ward 9 is from Queen City Ave. and Cilley Rd. south to Winston and Kenberma Streets, and from the Merrimack River west to South Hall and South Willow Streets. The polling place is Bishop Leo E. O’Neil Youth Center.

Nick Levasseur (D), age 34, earned an Education Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and works at Prime Alternative Treatment Center of NH (a medical cannabis dispensary). His top issues are: Expansion of the NH Therapeutic Cannabis Program to include anxiety and opioid addiction and creation of a well-regulated and taxable recreational cannabis market; transportation issues such as bringing commuter rail to Manchester as well as the completion of the I-93 expansion; and affordable housing initiatives that encourage young professionals to move to and stay in NH. He wrote, “I am running because I have a deep NH roots, a passion for policy, and a desire to serve my community. My 8 years of previous legislative experience will make me an effective voice for my community from day one.”

Josh Query (D), 24, earned a BFA in Ceramics with Printmaking Minor from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester. An artist, he is a studio technician and teacher at Brookline Arts Center. His top issues are LGBTQ rights, gun control, and voting rights. He wrote, “I am running because basic rights are starting to be attacked in our country and state. My goal is to be an advocate for people who’s right to vote is being redefined, who are no longer safe in their schools, or are afraid to love who they love.”

Other candidates in Ward 9:

  • Barbara Shaw (D)
  • Thomas M. Robert (R)
  • Victoria Sullivan (R)

Ward 10

Ward 10 is on the West Side from Granite Street and the Piscataqua River to the Bedford Town Line. The polling place is Parker-Varney School.

Timothy Smith (D-incumbent), age 38, earned a BS in Information Technology Management and is an IT manager for a medium sized engineering company in Andover Massachusetts. His top three issues are: Legislative/institutional reform, protecting personal privacy, and consumer protections. He wrote, “Our civic institutions are no longer trusted by the public to advocate for their best interests, and I see this as a fundamental problem which needs to be addressed. Few in government, at any level, are willing to discuss these topics; as a result, our government frequently fails to work effectively for the benefit of its citizens. I work hard to be a part of solving this disconnect.”

Other candidates in Ward 10:

  • Dan Garthwaite (R)
  • Tammy Simmons (R)
  • Heidi Hamer (D)

Ward 11

Ward 11 is on the West Side from Coolidge, Mason, and Bremer Streets to Conant and Douglas Streets. The polling place is Gossler School.

Brittany Ping (R), age 30,  earned an MBA in Human Resources from SNHU in 2018 and is an office manager and realtor at Ledgeview Commercial Partners.  Her top three issues are: School choice/education reform, right-to-work, and cannabis decriminalization. She wrote, “I live, work, shop, and play in Manchester Ward 11 and feel very connected to my neighborhood.  I am very passionate about being a voice for those who are fiscally responsible in Ward 11 including renters, homeowners, and businesses across the political spectrum.

Matthew Ping (D), age 31,  earned a BS from Ball State University in Business and Property Management. He is the Principal Broker and owner of Ledgeview Commercial Partners. His top three issues are cannabis decriminalization and drug treatment, attracting and retaining entrepreneurs in NH, and increasing civil liberties for all. He wrote, “We owe it to our families and our communities to push beyond establishment party politics and start standing up for the individuals and their struggles in our neighborhoods.” He moved to New Hampshire in 2012 for the Free State Project.

Willis Griffith (D), age 23, a graduate of Northwestern University, is completing a Master of Public Policy at UNH’s Carsey School in May. He was the captain of the Division 1 and #14 nationally ranked UNH men’s soccer team. He will be an Academic Support Program teacher and the Head Men’s Soccer coach at New Hampton School. His goals include a family-friendly economy, better funding for schools and social programs, practical solutions to the opioid crisis, and balancing for workforce development with livable wages and the retention of young people. He wrote, “Having young, driven voices in the statehouse matters. We need innovative ideas, leadership, and inclusive policy for all people in NH.”

Other candidates in Ward 11:

  • Patricia Cornell (D)
  • Joshua Holmes (R)

Ward 12

Ward 12 is on the West Side from the Hooksett town line to Coolidge, Mason, and Upland Streets. The polling place is Northwest Elementary School.

Patrick Sweeney (R), age 28,  received a BS in Film Production from Full Sail University and is currently pursuing an Associates of Applied Science in Emergency Management through the Community College of the Air Force. He works for BAE Systems and the United States Air Force (Reserves). His top three issues are:  Lowering property and business taxes, removing any useless regulations on NH businesses, and school security as opposed to restrictive gun control laws. He wrote, “Ever since I was a child I’ve been drawn to civil service, due to an inherently patriotic passion for this great country. That same passion is why I chose to serve my country in the United States Air Force Reserves, as well as continue to serve my country through my civilian employer, which provides technical and operational support to all of the US military branches and our allies.”

Other candidates in Ward 12:

  • Dick Marston (R)
  • Bob Backus (D)
  • Kendall Snow (D)

Hillsborough District 42

District 42 is a floterial district that includes Ward 1, Ward 2, and Ward 3. The 2 floterial representatives are in addition to the 2 reps per ward, bringing the combined total to 8.  The polling places are Webster School Auditorium, Hillside Middle School, and Carol M. Rines Center.

Jackie Chretian (D), age 35, is a Manchester native who returned here to raise her family of three. She earned a PhD in molecular and cell biology from UC Berkeley and is a manager and training specialist at Research Square, a company that helps researchers polish their academic manuscripts for publication in English-language journals. Her top 3 issues are high-quality public education, affordable childcare and family leave, and creating a government that works for the people in the long term. She wrote, “I want to make our systems fairer and more evidence-based so that they can work better for more people. As a scientist, a parent, and a Manchester native, I have unique perspectives and skills that, combined, will let me analyze and advance smart policies that will impact the state for the better.

Matt Wilhelm (D), age 36, earned his master’s in public administration at UNH’s Carsey School of Public Policy. He works in the music industry and is the director of the Old Sol Alliance, a nonprofit action tank committed to leveraging live music to create positive social and environmental impact through service. His top issues are:  Defeating private school vouchers once and for all, investing in our public university and community college systems and supporting other policies to attract and retain young people in NH like paid family and medical leave, and strengthening our democracy by making the opportunity to serve in our citizen legislature more accessible to the average NH citizen (multiple bill co-sponsors, evening sessions, etc.)


Jesse Martineau (D-incumbent) No profile has been received by press time.

Other candidates in District 42:

  • Phillip Harris (R)
  • Joseh Lachance (R)

Hillsborough District 43

District 43 is a floterial district that includes Ward 4, Ward 5, and Ward 6  The 2 floterial representatives are in addition to the 2 reps per ward, bringing the combined total to 8.  The polling places are McDonough School, Beech Street School, and Henry J. McLaughlin Middle School.

  • Benjamin C. Baroody (D)
  • Chris Herbert (D)
  • Richard N. Komi (D)
  • Michael A. Garcia (R)
  • Jason Hodgdon (R)
  • Ross W. Terrio (R)

Hillsborough District 44

District 44 is a floterial district that includes Ward 5 and Ward 9. The 2 floterial representatives are in addition to the 2 reps per ward, bringing the combined total to 6. The polling places are Beech Street School and Bishop Leo E. O’Neil Youth Center.

Candace Moulton (D), age 35, earned a BS in Biochemistry and a BS in Nursing. She works as an RN at Concord Hospital. Her main issues are the economy, education, and healthcare. She said, “I’ve been involved in politics all my adult life. I want a more active part in the process now that my kids are getting older. I want to be personally involved with passing bills, advocating for the vulnerable and effecting change.”

Other candidates in District 44:

  • Rhonda Lambert (R)
  • Mark McLean (R)
  • Mark Proulx (R)
  • Heather A. Ledoux (D)

Hillsborough District 45

District 45 is a floterial district that includes Ward 10, Ward 11, and Ward 12. The 2 floterial representatives are in addition to the 2 reps per ward, bringing the combined total to 8. The polling places are Parker-Varney School, Gossler School, and Northwest Elementary School.

  • Jane E. Beaulieu (D)
  • Chloe Sowers (D)
  • Connie Van Houten (D)
  • Scott Eich (R)
  • Carlos Gonzalez (R)

Hillsborough County Register of Probate

Elizabeth Ropp (D), age 41, earned a Masters in Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine and a BA in Liberal Arts. She works as a Community Acupuncturist and advocated for a bill, “Acupuncture Detoxification Specialists” (ADS),. that allows health professionals who are not acupuncturists to train in an ear acupuncture protocol to be used for all stages of recovery, mental/behavioral health, and PTSD.

“The Governor signed our ADS bill into law last July, but the work is not over.  My team and I are  keeping a watchful eye on the rule making process.  I continue to advocate for the recovery and mental health communities to integrate the protocol into their programs as a tool for all stages of recovery from substance misuse, conditions related to mental and behavioral health, and PTSD.”

In addition to the opioid and mental health epidemic, Ropp’s top issues include: getting big money out of politics, raising the minimum wage, defeating “Right to Work” legislation, ending prison privatization, and immigrants rights.

She wrote, “I am the perfect candidate because I am committed, dedicated, and passionate about empowering people to be more involved in our local community.”

Other candidates:

  • Joseph Kelly Levasseur (R)

Manchester Ink Link will publish a comprehensive voter’s guide when we get closer to the election.

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