Wondering about what 2022 has in store? Some look to the stars and do the Pythagorean math

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The promise of a New Year means clean slate for some, but mostly uncertainty, no matter how much planning ahead you do. Those who are seeking answers now more than ever are turning to astrology and other mystical traditions including numerology, to try and unlock some secrets of the universe. It is a practice that ebbs and flows in terms of popularity, a current upward trend that many believe has been bolstered of late by the stress and uncertainty of life on planet Earth in the time of COVID.

As we’ve done in the past, we’ve asked astrologer Dorothy Morgan and psychic Angie D’Anjou for their take on the New Year based on planetary alignments and the Pythagorean numerology system because, why not? 

An Astrological Look at 2022: A Time of Rebirth

For the first three months of 2022, most of us will be going through a reevaluation of our most important relationships – spouses, domestic or business partnerships. Some relationships are meant to end as they have served their purpose while others will go deeper as we commit to a deeper love or connection.

The first three months of the year we may also be focused on our financial security as well as asking ourselves the question, “What do I really value now?” As the year of the great resignation is about to end, many of us over these last two years have been reevaluating what is more important to us. The long hours at a job, the big money, but no time for family. 2022 is the year many of us will be making these choices.

Throughout the year the Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio in April/May then again in October/November will accelerate the need for change even more in regard to our personal and collective values. How we are taking care of the planet, as well as the much-needed changes to many old policies that are outdated? 

However, people do not want to let go of what they know even when it is no longer working. Change is hard for so many and we are still in the midst of great change on this planet and in this country.  

2022 is also the year that Pluto returns to the place it was when the United States was formed in 1776. In a nutshell, what this means is our country is going through a huge transformation that will lead us to a rebirth of some kind. This will take a few more years but 2022 is the pivotal year in this process. 

Now, when it comes to astrology it is important to know this: Astrology is not destiny; we all have free will and choices as to how we want to use the energy in our own personal stories. 

When the news and information becomes too much, unplug, check-in with yourself to see what it is that you need at that moment in time to feel safe and secure and loved.

I truly believe even when things feel bleak a person can still come from a place of light joy and love.

DorothyMorganAstrologer3About Dorothy Morgan

I really invested in my career as an astrologer in 1988 to develop myself into the teacher, speaker, writer and vlogger I am now. I still study every day. The depth and joy I find in my work hopefully shows in how I love to take such a complicated subject as astrology and make it easier to understand and apply to our lives, wherever I am with you. This could be in our private session, in our classes or lectures or in deep-dive mentorships. I love guiding beginners as well as those who have an advanced understanding. I have had the privilege to share my knowledge with clients, students and Astrological Enthusiasts from all over the world. It’s such a joy to give lectures in astrological associations and develop projects with private groups and events. I love these focused challenges! I think my passion for teaching people at all levels is always present because I live it myself and find astrology as empowering as it is fascinating. Together, with a caring and giving heart, I will work to move you through your obstacles and challenges and empower you to reach your highest potential. With a creative, holistic and optimistic outlook, it is my desire to give you an insightful and inspiring experience, to help you to make good choices and feel more confident.

For more information: https://www.dorothymorganastrologer.com/

71QdgLlnp1L. AC SL1000Universal Year “2022” Numerology Outlook: A Time of Reinvention

A bit about numerology: The Pythagorean Numerology system is said to have originated from the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, and in modern applications, it has even been applied to stock market analyses. In general terms, numerology is the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names and ideas. For the following predictions, Angie D’Anjou breaks down 2022 as such: 2+0+2+2 = 6 , making this a universal “6 year” in numerology.

The “6” Energy for our universal Year “2022” brings with it an opportunity of unconditional love and the ability to support, nurture, and heal. 

This will be a year of collective victories, new responsibilities, empathy, patience, compassion, and adjustments and sacrifices. 

During this year the world may focus strongly on being open and honest about feelings on a variety of things. This focus will enable a better understanding of the steps needed to provide help to all, not just a few. 

All should take time to create a home with a peaceful sanctuary with your highest vibration of joy beaming throughout it. 

Hence, this will afford one a place to escape to when the world becomes too hectic. There will be adjustments with compassion, as well as a knowledge of gaining responsibility in all that has changed and acknowledgment on how to live fully, even with the adjustments. 

The year will bring out compassion in some and truths will be known and acknowledged. Be prepared for the sacrifices and adjustments that will be unfolding throughout the year. Have patience and know all will bring victory in acceptance and a better understanding of the steps needed to provide all with peace. Inflation will be ignored until there is a deeper trust in applying a true correction to the issue, which is worldwide. 

It is a year to be wary of the fact that everyone would be expected to treat others with unconditional love and in the real world that is not the case. Therefore, be prepared to see some upset and imbalance along the way to recovery. 

The beginning of 2022 will bring a time of truthful interactions meant to benefit all. Many of the issues that have been focused on over the past year may find completion by mid-spring provided all cooperate in the progress of acceptance. As summer begins there will still be a bit of confusion which should be resolved by the end of summer so as not to influence the loss of empathy in the world. Progress is there to be utilized as autumn opens up. Pursuits of stabilities must be placed in action in order to achieve more balance. Since human nature has issues with change, these newly established regulations will take a bit longer to be implemented. With everyone’s realization of the need for social interactions, a new atmosphere of acceptance and renewal of a flow of compassion will be created by the end of the year.

Outlook for Manchester, NH

As I have indicated in the past, Manchester carries the same energy as the universal year flow. Therefore Manchester is in a “6” energy year for numerology. The Queen City will see some minor holdbacks as the year begins regarding truthful atmospheres and attitudes. Yet, efforts will be made in full force to focus on what needs adjustment during the month of February. By March these issues will be resolved. A new issue dealing with compassion will open up for discussion no later than April of 2022. This appears to be determined with a contractual agreement the following month. There will be plans opened up at the beginning of summer pertaining to creating success for businesses in the area. It will need to be adjusted mid-summer due to a few minor issues of acceptance. However, once the changes are initiated it will bring smooth sailing for success for the remainder of the year. 

There will be a major focus on accomplishing the completion of some all-around city improvement projects in November. Full support from the community will be achieved and the project will be ready to begin at the end of the year.

Screenshot 2021 12 31 6.46.31 PMAngie D’Anjou, Spiritual Consultant, offers Personal Year Numerology Reports as well as Spiritual Guidance, Tarot, and more. She is located at Awakening Moments Center, 126 Route 27, Raymond, NH 03077. Advance appointments are available by visiting www.awakeningmomentscenter.com or contacting Angie at 603 321-4818.


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