Woman gets leg stuck in open water shutoff access hole

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Rescuers assess the situation after a woman got her leg stuck in an open water access hole. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

MANCHESTER, NH — A woman walking in the area of 14 Third St. required a rescue after her leg got stuck in an open Water Works access hold.

Manchester Fire Chief Michael Gamache said that the woman was walking along when she fell into an “unsecured municipal water shutoff” in the middle of the street, which injured her leg.

Unable to remove her leg, which was stuck to just below her knee into the hole, and in pain, rescuers were called to the scene. Fire crews along with a crew from AMR did a rapid assessment and determined that there was a probability that the woman’s leg may be fractured. Crews treated the leg as such during the course of the 10 minutes that it took fire crew to extricate her leg from the hole using various tools and techniques.

Rescuers size up the hole where a woman got her leg stuck while walking on Third Street. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

Gamache said there was an unsecured access hole for domestic water shutoff. The cap for this access way was lying on the adjacent sidewalk. A representative from Manchester Water Works was summoned to the scene. This situation, which the supervisor indicated that they were not aware of, was to be addressed immediately The Water Works supervisor summoned a repair crew and remained on the scene as the emergency crews cleared.