Woman flips car, curses out everybody, assaults several officers

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MANCHESTER, NH – A city woman apparently under the influence of an illegal substance was arrested after flipping her car and then proceeding to assault several police officers as she kicked and spit on them following the crash.

On June 10, at approximately 2:31 a.m., Manchester Police Sgt. Richard Brown responded to a rollover crash in the area of 240 Spruce St. Upon arrival he observed a 2000 Subaru Legacy on its left side in the middle of Spruce Street.

He approached the vehicle, which was surrounded by several bystanders, and observed a lone occupant inside of the vehicle. Sgt. Brown observed the driver, later identified as Samantha Gleason, 29, of Manchester, moving inside of the vehicle.

Sgt. Brown and a bystander, identified as James Heath, 31 of Manchester, were able to safely remove Gleason from the car. Sgt. Brown observed a small laceration on the right side of Gleason’s head, but did not note any obvious or significant injury.

Gleason allegedly denied involvement in the crash and stated the vehicle did not belong to her (the vehicle was registered to her). She also refused to identify herself. She appeared to be under the influence of an illegal drug based on her erratic behaviors. Sgt. Brown felt her behavior was not indicative of someone who had flipped a motor vehicle. She appeared undaunted by the entire situation as she continued to laugh at his questions. Instead, she began yelling profanities and seemed to be oblivious to the severity of the incident.

The officers noticed a 2004 Dodge Durango had been struck by Gleason’s Subaru. The Dodge was parked in the area of 240 Spruce St. and most likely caused the Subaru to flip over. The owner of the Dodge was identified as Jorge Gutierrez-Ortiz, 38, of Manchester.

Officer Cody Healy relieved his supervisor, Sgt. Brown, as he orchestrated the investigation. Officer Healy documented the same erratic behaviors as Sgt. Brown. Gleason allegedly refused medical treatment on scene, denied operating the motor vehicle and basically began another profanity-laced tirade aimed at the surrounding law enforcement officers and bystanders.

The officers determined Gleason was the sole occupant of the motor vehicle, so she was arrested and charged with operating under the influence of liquor. However, Gleason allegedly became agitated and refused to be placed into custody. She allegedly kicked Officer Healy as he placed her into handcuffs.

Officer Kyle Daly arrived with the transport wagon and attempted to secure her into the back of the wagon. While doing so, Gleason allegedly kicked him in his leg. Gleason remained highly uncooperative throughout the booking process. She allegedly spat on  Lt. Michael Begley before kicking two more officers inside of the booking area.

Gleason was ultimately transported to the Elliot Hospital as a precautionary measure to insure she did not sustain any serious injuries from her crash. Officer Max Rahill attempted to secure her in a seatbelt, but she became non-compliant. She allegedly bit his hand and kicked him as he fastened her seatbelt.

Gleason remains at the Elliot Hospital. Gleason is not on the court docket for today’s arraignments. She was charged with seven counts os simple assault, conduct after an accident, operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs and disobeying a police Officer.

None of the officers needed medical treatment as a result of her actions.


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