Woman arrested on Christmas after alleged threats with a rifle

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MANCHESTER, NH — A distraught woman was arrested Christmas day, charged with multiple misdemeanor and felony-level charges after police say she was threatening people with a rifle.

At about 2:45 p.m. police were dispatched to the area of C Street off of Boynton Street, on the city’s West Side after a report was made. Officers made contact with Carrie Portinari, 43, who was outside and refused to speak with officers before entering a residence on C Street.

Manchester Police SWAT Bearcat responded to the scene and after a short time Portinari came out of the house. Police allege Portinari refused to listen to verbal commands made by police to surrender, and that she became confrontational at which time police deployed a Taser to “subdue” Portinari. 

No further information was available about the incident.