Will Stewart is my choice for mayor on September 19th

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Stand up. Speak up. It’s your turn.

I am a product of Manchester public schools. I am a community organizer. I am a third-year law student at the University of New Hampshire School of Law. I am a Black woman. It is not uncommon for leaders to use communities of color as political tools, tokenizing young leaders as a means to win elections. Yet, it is the mark of a true leader and ally when one shows up and listens.

One individual who stands out as a true leader is Will Stewart, who exemplifies the best our community has to offer. He does so by showing up to diverse spaces humbly and open-minded, recognizing that he is continuously growing and learning. He is dedicated to bringing results to our city.

I first met Will in 2020 through my work with Black Lives Matter Manchester. I encountered many individuals at the time who attempted to associate with the organization to attain “political clout,” but Will was not one of these people. Will helped elevate the voices of myself and my fellow organizers, providing us with platforms to discuss issues pertaining to the carceral system and our experiences as Black individuals in the Manchester community.

When you are deciding who to vote for on September 19th for mayor, I urge you to consider my experience, and how unique it is to have a candidate who truly listens and catalyzes change in their community. Join me in voting Will Stewart for Mayor on September 19th.

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Ronelle Tshiela, Manchester



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Ronelle Tshiela

Ronelle Tshiela is a Manchester native and law student at UNH School of Law.