Will Manchester see an early spring?

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Punxsutawney Phil 2018 cropped
Punxsutawney Phil. Photo/Wikipedia.

This morning, Punxsutawney Phil (see above), did not see his shadow, meaning that there will be an early spring. Each year on Feb. 2 he is part of a celebration in Punxsutawney, Penn. known as Groundhog Day where he predicts how much winter is left. Today, we’re asking the readers of Manchester Ink Link what they think. Share your answers by clicking here!

In the meantime, here are answers from our last question of the week about the New Hampshire Presidential Primary.

Kate Lipman

I think overall it was a show that a lot of people are trying to stop Trump. Nikki Haley is seen as the only sane option by many in New Hampshire, and I think the record turnout shows that. He is essentially running as an incumbent and even so, she got almost 50%.

I think the way Trump acted afterwards was ridiculous and now the way the RNC is acting saying they want to do a memo to make Trump the presumptive nominee is just as bad as Joe Biden trying to destroy the NH FITN by moving it to SC.

Both parties are trying to disenfranchise voters and I think how well Nikki Haley did shows people want something different and that New Hampshire is sick of establishment on both sides trying to tell independent-minded voters how to think and who to support.


It seemed very subdued.

Winter Trabex

The primary was mostly useless. Neither party wants a contested convention, so if the candidates are already decided, we should just skip to the end and save everyone a lot of time and money.

Bill Stergios

Both candidates did well. Trump won here convincingly despite the constant anti Trump rhetoric of Sununu and the slanted reporting by the Union Leader and WMUR. Nikki would do better to save it for 2028.

James McLeod

I am a reluctant Democrat from Raymond. The Democratic Party grudgingly puts up with conservatives like me that have no place to go , they allow dissenting voices and duke it out verbally which makes us stronger than MAGA. But the outrageous decision to shun the FITN primary by the DNC was a shameful and wasteful move that exemplifies the problem people have with Democrats. The left wing of our party is not satisfied with compromise and ruin every win by pushing too hard at the wrong time, we call it “ snatching defeat out of the hands of victory “ and D’Souza are brilliant at it. Dean Phillips is a 3rd party spoiler trashing our current president like he’s channeling the rotten soul of Rush Limbaugh.

MAGA. What a sad period for the US that we have to deal with this crisis. Thankfully 1/3 of Republicans shunned the vile traitor Trump. He can not win a general election with those numbers. I am not sure why people think he is concerned about a legitimate win, he will try to seize power regardless of the results as shown on 1/6/21. People will need to decide if they are going to bend the knee or fight.


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