Why we support Kevin Cavanaugh and the Democratic slate

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To the Editor:

Five years ago, we intentionally made the decision to make Manchester our home, excited about becoming active community members in a large City that values diversity, education, history, the environment, the arts and economic development.  In short order, and even in the face of a global pandemic, it became clear to us that Manchester’s leadership was guiding the City in the exact direction a major urban center needs to go.  We want, and need, the positive momentum to continue.

Electing Kevin Cavanaugh as Manchester’s next Mayor is the next right step.  His years of elected experience as an Alderman and State Senator, his dedicated career to blue-collar, union work and workers, his unselfish volunteering for youth sports and activities, and his outspoken advocacy for affordable housing, reproductive health care access, public schools, and our City’s Safety infrastructure more than qualifies him.

By contrast, the GOP candidate for Mayor has never held an elected position!  The possibility of entrusting the governance, and the future, of New Hampshire’s largest city to someone with no municipal leadership experience who will likely serve as a puppet for the establishment, is quite frankly — reckless.

Down-ballot elections matter more now than ever, too.  In addition to supporting Kevin Cavanaugh for Mayor, we support like-minded community members Dan O’Neil and Mary Georges for Aldermen At-Large, and incumbents Peter Argeropoulos and Jim O’Connell for School Board At-Large.  Visit www.manchesterdemocrats.org/candidates2023 to meet your Ward candidates who share the vision of Manchester’s continued move forward.


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Cindy and Tom Stewart

Cindy and Tom Stewart are residents of Ward 2 in Manchester.