Stories of inspiration from members of Manchester School District’s

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All of Manchester’s graduating seniors have much to be proud of when they look back on their high school accomplishments. We want members of our community to meet some of the students who have faced challenges that threatened their success were it not for personal fortitude, ambition and strength. These are the stories they were willing to share that we hope will inspire others. They’re the reason the pomp and circumstance really matters.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 8.33.56 AMMemorial Class of 2015 Nathan Temple: ‘Take every day as it comes and don’t be too down on yourself’

Ruben, center, with ELO coordinator Angela Bourassa and guidance counselor Bill Cannon.

Central High School’s Ruben Chavez-Lopez: ‘Keep reading and writing’ and follow your dreams

Abbi Benson

West High School’s Abbi Benson: ‘Don’t say you can’t do it. Try to see yourself being successful’