‘Why I’m voting for Jim Burkush on March 15’

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Stand up. Speak up. It’s your turn.

I am pleased to support my friend and former boss James Burkush for Alderman of Ward 9.

Our friendship began 45 years ago when I began working at the Manchester Fire Department. Jim stood out to me because of his enthusiasm and devotion as a firefighter. He was proud of his accomplishments as he rose through the ranks working “on the line.” He is a true leader and respected by those he worked with.

Linda and Jim 1
Linda L. Miccio and Jim Burkush at the 2008 Fireman\’s Ball.

In 2008, Jim was promoted to Chief of the Department and that is when we began working together in the administrative division. With the experience and leadership knowledge he had gained working “on the line” for 32 years, he was able to utilize that experience by managing the department in a fiscally responsible manner.

When the department faced challenges, he stood strong supporting the employees that were under his leadership. In personnel disciplinary issues, he was tough, but always fair-minded.

Working together, we shared many experiences. Some joyous and others profoundly sad. In the sad times, I always knew that he would set the department on an even course and move forward. It was my pleasure to work side by side with Jim. He would listen to my suggestions and was always respectful and appreciative.

I hope the other residents of Ward 9 will joining me in voting for Jim Burkush in the special election. The election will be held at the Bishop O’Neil Youth Center, 30 S. Elm Street, and the building will be open for voting from 6 A.M. to 7 P.M. on Tuesday, March 15.

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