Letters: Why I want to serve Manchester as an Alderman in Ward 7

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Dear Ink Link Readers:

Much to my own surprise, I am running for Ward 7 Alderman. I am sure you are asking why? I believe that the greatest strength of our city and Ward 7 are its people; we come together to solve problems and we are faced with great challenges but together we can and will mitigate their complexities. I am a retired educator who is committed to small businesses, will fight for a balanced budget that supports all the city’s residents and I will always stand for Manchester workers, support equitable educational experiences for all Manchester’s children and families, a clean and healthy environment and access to necessary services for people in need. Also, I want the voters in Ward 7 to have a choice. My opponent is a conservative and I am a liberal Democrat. 

The city of Manchester is thriving despite the COVID pandemic that has compounded state and local government and the infusion of federal dollars opens new opportunities. Thanks to Mayor Craig who has helped Manchester weather this storm and continue to base her decisions on factual data; she has a plan, unlike her opponent. I want to be able to support the Mayor’s plan to improve our city, to help the homeless, resolve the drug problems, assure more moderate and low-income housing and improve educational opportunities in our city.

Housing affordability and stability has become a growing challenge for Manchester residents with lower or more modest incomes. In 2019, estimates show that about 47 percent of renters in New Hampshire were spending more than 30 percent of their incomes on rental costs. Again, working together with state and local agencies will prompt solutions that will need the support of the Board of Mayor and Alderman and I’d like to e part of that conversation.

I have lived in Manchester all my life and wish to serve, bringing my work and legislative experiences to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. I believe the sum of my work experiences, community involvement and serving as a NH State Representative since 2013 gives me a balance of learnings that will further contribute to the city. I look forward to the opportunity to serve all my constituents in Ward 7 and my city. I am running because I care about Manchester’s residents and the future of Manchester.

With respect and gratitude for the work of Carol Robidoux and her writers.

Mary Sullivan Heath


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