Why I am voting for Chris Morgan for Alderman in Ward 1

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I have known Chris for many years. No one cares about Manchester more than he does. I know Chris will not only be a great alderman for Manchester and Ward 1, he will be a leader who will make a difference.

Chris attended Manchester public schools; Smyth Road Elementary, Hillside Middle and Central High School. His parents, Jim and Bonnie Morgan, are longtime faculty at Central, and still reside in Ward 1. He believes in education and kids.

I have personally seen what Chris has done for thousands of Manchester’s kids and families. His youth sports organization, which he runs and manages himself, has brought thousands of kids and families together on fields across our city. It’s clear Chris Morgan cares about this community and its youth by putting in so much time and energy building important sports programs in places our city is lacking.

My Family is similarly rooted in this community and I believe sports and community make our city a better place to live and grow.

Chris understands the residents of Ward 1 want a leader who will work hard across party lines to protect the uniqueness and interests we love about Ward 1.

Safety, clean parks, excellent city services and an alderman who will call us back when we call him. I am voting for Chris Morgan for Alderman because he is the right candidate, at the right time, who will help us through our many challenges.

No question his hometown perspective and love for our community is evident. He proves it every day of his life as a man dedicated to our city’s youth and the Ward he loves. I hope you will join me in voting for Chris Morgan on Tuesday, November 7.

Mark Ferdinando, Manchester

Ward 1

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