We need to stand with our educators – that’s why I’m running for School Board

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Stand up. Speak up. It’s your turn.

As of today, the Manchester School District has 151 vacant positions posted on their website, which includes: 26 elementary school teachers, 14 middle school teachers, 10 high school teachers, and 45 support staff. I would love to see every one of these positions filled. If they remain vacant, the current teachers will face larger class sizes, more limited resources, and the students won’t get the attention they need.

We still do not have a contract for our teachers. I’m concerned that teachers looking for jobs might look somewhere else before applying in Manchester. This gives me more reason to be concerned that the positions might go unfilled. 

Here is what we know: When we invest in our teachers, our students are the direct beneficiaries. The relationship might be indirect, but the outcome is apparent. For example: when we afford them proper salaries, they don’t have to work second (or third) jobs to make ends meet, meaning they have more physical and emotional energy in the classroom and are better prepared for their lessons. When we afford them professional development, they do their work with greater efficacy. When they have proper textbooks and technology, their students get better classroom instruction.

The current school board has had more than a year to pass a fair contract, and yet has not given the teachers one. This should concern every one of us. When the teachers suffer, ultimately, the children suffer.

If we want our kids to get the education they deserve, we need to stand with our educators and support staff.

I believe, firmly, that the Manchester School District can reach its full potential. I am prepared to fight for our educators and fight for our students, and I am very tired of people who choose not to. That is why I am running for School Board.

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