Ward 4 Aldermanic candidate seeks to build lasting neighborhood networks

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Christine Fajardo. Submitted photo

MANCHESTER, N.H. –  Ward 4 Aldermanic Candidate Christine Fajardo announced last week that she is seeking to help kickstart a network of neighborhood networks in Ward 4 whether she is elected or not this fall.

The idea came after hearing from residents she’s talked to that crime is one of the biggest problems in the area, but more specifically that there is a lack of a grassroots effort to address the problem at the neighborhood level.

Fajardo said that her concept does not attempt to supersede existing neighborhood watch groups in parts of the ward like Corey Square or compete with the Police Department, instead creating a bulwark for neighbors to look out for each other.

“I think the part that people have responded to that there is more we can do neighbor to neighbor,” said Fajardo. “People are working hard, but when you hear it over and over again, there’s more that can be found and different things that can be done. I’m not looking to do something redundant, it’s more at the connective tissue level to do something that’s done to help residents.”

“I really feel like the type of energy I’m sensing is that a smaller, scrappier effort is what’s needed, I think what’s needed is to be able to move quickly in a smaller way even if it is incremental.”

Fajardo could not provide additional specific details on the mechanics of how the concept would be implemented, saying that some sort of apps or websites would likely be a central focus of the initiative. However, she said that mailing pieces with additional information on the proposal would arrive at the mailboxes of Ward 4 residents this week.