Walking the Wards of Manchester

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Cut to the chase: I’m starting a series of photo essays called “Walking the Wards of Manchester,” and I need your help. A different ward will be featured each week, highlighting the things that stand out – unique people and places and the various candidates running for elected office.

If you know of a special place or person in the city, or if you have a tip on someone planning to run for a city office, I want to know about it.

Email me at ManchesterInFocus (at) Gmail (dot) com.

The 2017 Election

So, are you going to vote in September? You might say, “But wait, didn’t we just vote last November?!?”

2017 is called an “odd year” or an “off year” for elections. Even though we won’t be voting for President, or Governor or US House of Representatives, it’s still an important year for elections.

Your votes in 2017 will determine what kind of city you want to live in. How you vote will decide the way the city of Manchester spends your precious tax dollars. Your vote will impact our city’s school system. It will affect funding for police and fire fighters. Your vote will affect the way we tackle the opioid epidemic and public housing and a whole lot of things that I want to learn more about.

I’ve included some photos down below to give you an idea of what I’ve been seeing lately.

What do I hope to accomplish with this project? I’d like to help elected officials and candidates for public office to better understand how people living and working in Manchester see the city. And I’d like to help Manchester residents to learn more about who is running for office and how those candidates would run the city.

Residents will vote not just for Mayor, but also for Alderman, School Board, Welfare Commissioner, Moderators, Clerks, and Selectmen. Don’t ask me what the Welfare Commissioner does. Hopefully this project will help us find out together.

With 12 wards to cover, I don’t have a lot of time! If I cover one ward per week, that will take 3 months. And I will surely want to cover other things between now and then, so I better get on it!

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