Vince Wilfork is a champion breakfastarian

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vince this one It’s no secret former New England Patriot Vince Wilfork likes to eat. So when Wilfork and Houston Texans teammate J.J. Watt discussed their mutual love of breakfast all-day, any-day on this week’s episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks, it was the highlight of the episode.

But Wilfork takes it one step further and waxes poetic about a dish his wife Bianca makes. For Patriots fans still mourning the loss of the beloved Wilfork to Houston, this glimpse into his personal life proved irresistible. Pats foodies took to the web to find out what this magical breakfast dish is.

Bianca Wilfork (@mrs75) responded to recipe requests from fans on Twitter, saying it is, in fact, “bacon, sausage, ham, egg, cheese baked inside of croissants -made like pie.” A quick check of her Pinterest tells us that she is talking about the Crescent Breakfast Ring.

crescent 1

Scrambled eggs, meats and cheese all wrapped in crescent rolls are just a few of #75’s favorite things. Pillsbury has two recipes for a breakfast ring made with crescent rolls; here and here.

As the start of the football season moves closer, let’s hope Wilfork continues to share some of his favorite recipes, and if not, at least a few more jokes.

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