Video: ‘Nineteen’ is one for future history books – empty streets, old haunts await while we stay ‘safe at home’

14th in a series of 'history of Manchester' video essays by videographer Paul Cormier.

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Stay Safe. Stay Home. It’s all you hear these days. That is, when you’re not at the grocery store getting dirty looks for going up the aisle the wrong way because you were getting a bit too involved in the potato chip options and lost your way. And who’s to blame you?

These are weird times we live in right now.

I bought shoes last week that ended up being too small and was told I can retrun them for up to 60 days “AFTER THIS IS OVER.” The kind young lady couldn’t give me a specific date of when that would be, she just told me to hang onto the receipt. I really couldn’t get upset with her. I mean, does anyone know when this will end? Am I stuck with the same shoes that don’t fit forever? Does it even matter, considering I have to stay at home anyway?

Safe at home. I remember when I was a kid, my mom signed me up for North Little League Baseball, over by Livingston Pool. And after every game, win or lose, my mom and dad would take me to the Puritan across the street. The places are all featured in this video. Today. Along with many other locations in Manchester today that capture a moment that many of us have never experienced in our lives. Silence. A city at a complete standstill. It’s a perspective, when, once taken in, you start to notice more, and gain a new respect for what is around you.

What’s that old saying… you don’t know what you got, ’til it’s gone? It’s all still here. It’s just waiting for us to enjoy again. Just like it always has.

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