Try using Manchester NH Connect app to report parking violators

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MANCHESTER, NH — After getting an email notification this afternoon that one of my neighbors reported something I might want to get behind, I thought I’d share.

New Manchester NH Connect mobile app is live.
New Manchester NH Connect mobile app is live.

Using the See-Click-Fix function, which is part of the Manchester NH Connect mobile app, someone reported that there were cars illegally parked on Winter Street, on the city’s West Side. According to the automated update, the problem was referred to Manchester Police.

We’ll see what happens.

Having seen lots of people discussing issues with rogue vehicles parked where they shouldn’t be parked, based on the new temporary parking prohibitions, it seemed like a good time to remind residents that they have the power to report most anything, right in the palms of their hands — as long as they’re holding a smartphone that’s been updated with the Manchester NH Connect mobile app.

It’s easy to use and it’s free. Learn more here.

Caveat: Of course some might see this as snitching. Others might see it as an efficient way to make sure the city’s streets are safe for travel and clear in case of emergency. What’s your take? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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