Uber cool: High-tech taxi-like service goes live in Manchester

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Uber mobile app-driven ride service has arrived in Manchester, NH.
Uber mobile app-driven ride service has arrived in Manchester, NH.

MANCHESTER, NH – An announcement on the Uber message board posted late Wednesday heralded the long-anticipated Oct. 16 launch of the innovative transportation app – just in time for a major political event in the city.

Uber, already operating in more than 200 cities in 45 countries, allows users to use their phone or computer to order up a ride to anywhere they need to go.

“We’ve partnered up with the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner at the Radisson Hotel, and we expect riders to be utilizing Uber to get around town,” reads the announcement, posted Oct. 15 on the UberPeople message board.

The site solicits business from riders who are registered users of the mobile app. They are also always hiring drivers to fill the need – you just need to be 21 with a personal license, insurance and have a mid- or full-size four-door in excellent condition, according to the site. Drivers make their own hours, with a heads up from Uber as when prime time ridership will be, including major events like the political soiree. Hot spots show up as red dots on the Uber city map.

The interactive service tracks your ride for you, texts you when your driver arrives, provides you information about your driver, allows you to split fares with your friends and the ride is automatically charged to your credit card on file. Tipping is not necessary, and virtual feedback is encouraged.

The Jefferson-Jackson Dinner is obviously a test run for the service, which sounds like a great gig for aspiring political operatives who might get lucky and grab a fare from any number of political elites who regularly attend.

Uber good customer service apparently means drivers should be well-stocked if they want to impress clients:

“In order to provide the best in-class experience tomorrow, we’re encouraging all Partners to have water, gum, and other small candies in their car to “WOW” the JJ Dinner attendees. Everyone who logs online tomorrow with these amenities will receive an extra $25 bonus!,” a reference to the annual Jefferson Jackson fundraising dinner happening Thursday night at the Radisson, with special guest speaker President Bill Clinton.

A quick check of Uber services shows that a ride from east Manchester, near Exit 8 to the Mall of New Hampshire would cost $14-20. Anyone who wants to get from the Jefferson Jackson Dinner at the Radisson to Logan Airport can expect to pay $81-101. Drivers get to pocket 80 percent of the fare, and tips are not expected, according to the company site.

More from Uber, about the new Manchester, NH, service:

Our service area covers Manchester and the surrounding area, including Downtown, Corey Square and Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. You can only pick-up riders while logged on in the service area, but you can take riders to drop-off locations outside the service area.

For the best chance of getting rides and earning money, head to the hot spots below! Red dots are the areas we expect to be busiest, followed by orange and yellow. We’ve already seen a lot of demand for Uber coming from Downtown.

Starting Thursday, Uber riders will have 5 FREE RIDES up to $25 for the first two weeks after launch so demand will be high (partners are paid during this time, see below for more details)!


This week, we’re offering special guarantees whenever you are online during the times listed below. This means that you’ll make the greater of the hourly guarantee or 80% of your fares over the time you’re online each week.

To be eligible for the $20 and $25 per hour guarantees, you must accept 80% of all requests you receive and complete at least 1 trip every hour (NOTE: this does not apply for Thursday 10/16). To be eligible for the $12 and $15 per hour guarantees, you must accept 80% of requests and complete at least 1 trip every three hours. For the best chance to complete trips, head to the hot spots in the map above!

*For an additional $50 bonus, sign online for at least 6 hours between 11am and Midnight on Friday, October 17th!

The fares for uberX in Manchester include a base fare plus a distance and time charge:

* Base Fare: $1.75
* Distance: $2.00/mile
* Time: $0.23/minute

In most Uber cities, we charge a $10/week mobile fee. However, we will waive that fee for the first couple weeks to help increase earnings. That’s even more reason to hit the road and show users what Uber’s all about!

In order to get paid on time, head to http://vault.uber.com to set up your direct deposit. Additionally, if you haven’t done so already, head to http://video.uber.com for best practices regarding the Uber Partner application.

You can get reimbursed any time you pay tolls on an Uber trip by selecting “I need a fare review” at the end of your trip and letting us know the cost of the toll. You can also email partnersPDM@uber.com and let them know the amount of the toll and the trip. Your toll will be reimbursed in the following week’s pay statement.


If you’re in an accident while on an Uber trip, let us know as soon as possible. Send us an email to partnersMNH@uber.com and put “URGENT” in the tag line. We will reach out shortly to help you.
Uber offers best-in-class ridesharing insurance!

As a reminder, Uber offers comprehensive insurance beyond your primary policy. You can find complete details HERE.

Our industry-leading insurance covers:

* Liability insurance when on an Uber trip
* Contingent liability insurance when available but not on a trip
* Contingent comprehensive and collision when on a trip

You can get extra cash by referring RIDERS and PARTNERS to Uber!

On the client side, you can give riders in your car who have not signed up for Uber a promo card. They’ll receive $20 in credit for their first ride, and you’ll receive $5 for every rider you sign up with your promo code! Click HERE if you need to order cards or want to learn more about the promotion!

On the partner side, you can refer partners to Uber in any city where we are live through either the BLUE BUTTON on your Uber app or THIS LINK. Both you and your referral will get $100 if they sign-up through your referral link and complete just 1 trip on the Uber system!

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