Drug duo caught preparing to shoot heroin inside mall bathroom stall

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MANCHESTER, NH – Two men were arrested March 13 after they were found in a mall bathroom, both preparing to inject heroin.

Justin Provencher, 27, of Manchester, and Scott Davis, 29, of Derry, were both charged with possession of a controlled drug based on the following police narrative:

At about 6 p.m. on March 13 Officer Brian Karoul of the Community Police Division was working in the area of the Mall of New Hampshire when he responded to a call for possible illegal drug activity in a men’s bathroom.


Officer Karoul entered the men’s room and overheard two men inside the handicapped stall. He knocked on the door and asked several questions, but the men inside were not cooperating, so Officer Karoul looked over the top of the stall and observed one man sitting on the toilet while the other man stood over him. The man standing had one shirt sleeve rolled up and appeared to be ready to shoot up with what appeared to be a needle filled with heroin. The man on the toilet was in possession of a needle also filled with what appeared to be heroin and was ready to inject the other man with the needle.


Although Officer Karoul identified himself as a police officer, the two refused to open the bathroom stall. Officer Karoul used force to open the door in an attempt to prevent the two men from using the drugs. The man who was in the seated position, Davis, immediately stood up and placed his hand inside his sweatshirt pocket Provencher dropped his needle.

Provencher advised Officer Karoul that he was in possession of a loaded needle and admitted it was filled with heroin. Officer Ray Youngs arrived and located a needle in Davis’ sweatshirt pocket. In addition to the charges, both men were placed on a 72-hour hold for probation/parole violations.

Davis had several outstanding warrants from other agencies and remains in custody at Hillsborough County House of Corrections. Provencher appeared in the 9th Circuit Court-Manchester on March 16, 2015.

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