Tune in: Notable women-led podcasts from New Hampshire and beyond

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According to Matt Moran’s article 12 Podcasting Statistics, Facts, And Trends (2022)

“…more Americans listened to podcasts every week than went to church in 2020. To be specific; that’s 24 percent vs 23 percent.” Podcasts are successfully making the leap from trend to staple. Below find a list of podcasts* originating from New Hampshire created by and hosted by women, and although a few of these programs may have recently concluded, they are still worth hitting the replay button. 

*Descriptions are taken directly from websites

image6She Explores

Who it’s for: Women who are inspired by nature with an admiration of outdoor spaces.

She Explores is committed to creating a space where others’ voices are amplified. Since our founding in 2014, we have featured more than 500 women’s stories, voices, photographs, and artwork. We’re always on the lookout for how the conversation about and between women is changing, for voices that still aren’t being heard, for what’s next in the outdoor industry and environmental world, for discussions that are hard to start but important to have, and for stories that reveal we are not alone — even in our private journeys.

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Creator, Editor-in-Chief, & Podcast Host: Gale Straub of Dover, NH.

image2 1Granite Gals

Who it’s for: Women who enjoy hiking. (Podcast ended Sept 2021)

Two teenage all-season White Mountain hikers interview the women who hike New Hampshire’s most rugged and beautiful peaks.

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The Granite Gals: NH sisters Alexandra and Sage Herr.

image3 1Journey Women Podcast

Who is it for: Women that follow Biblical principles.

We come alongside women to move them to know and love God and his Word, to find hope in the gospel, and to invest deeply in their local churches as they go out on mission for the glory of God.

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Hunter Beless creates faith-based podcasts from Kentucky.

image4 1Girl Gotta Hike

Who is it for: Backpack enthusiasts who enjoy hiking.

Girl Gotta Hike The Podcast connects women with nature, confidence and camaraderie by featuring interviews with fellow backpacking and otherwise adventurous women — plus plenty of trail tips and advice for hiking newbies or for those looking to disconnect from the daily hustle. Girl Gotta Hike founder, photographer and licensed outdoor guide, Melissa “Click” Goodwin, encourages busy city women to get away from the grind and connect with the ground, making connections along the way.

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Melissa Goodwin hikes and podcasts from New York.

image5 1The Rural Woman Podcast

Who it’s for: People who enjoy and are interested in rural life, individuals who enjoy farming, homesteading etc.

A collection of stories from women in farming, ranching, homesteading, agriculture and more. Each of these women are doing life in their own unique way and sharing their stories. Tune in each episode to be inspired by these amazing Rural Women. Hosted by Katelyn Duban

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Katelyn Duban is a first-gen Canadian farmer.

image1 1The Podcast System With Lovey

Who it’s for: People who enjoy whit,  humor and are open to expanding the conversation.

“How many times have you wished you could hear what someone was thinking? Welcome to Lovey’s brain. Lovey tackles the inequalities faced by Blacks, Browns, and the unseen and NO…green people don’t count. Come through to dissect current affairs, politics, pop culture, and everything in between laced with a heavy touch of comedy and sarcasm to boot.

Lovey Roundtree Oliff podcasts from Exeter, NH

What’s your favorite podcast and why? Help a sister out with inspiration by posting in the comments below via Disqus.


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