Tucker: Loves to swim and play, but feels lost without a rightful owner

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Tucker is a 3 ½ year old handsome pitbull desperately wanting to live his life with a family who loves him back.

Every day he wakes up with a  happy-go-lucky attitude that is sure to brighten even the gloomiest of days. With a wiggly butt, wet nose and sloppy tongue he will shower you with affection galore. Tucker promises to be your loyal and devoted companion if you will give him furever. He has a very laid back, calm, go with the flow kind of personality that’s hard not to fall in love with. Even when company visits he is polite and aims to impress!

Tucker loves swimming and splashing around in the water, and if given the choice he will gladly pass the day away at the local swimming hole. Tucker is an avid fan of exercise and insists on daily play sessions. Grab a leash or a ball and you will have his full undivided attention. Now that autumn is here and he would love to cozy up on the couch with a special someone. Currently he is studying his leash skill manners and making improvements every day. You just need to be consistent, confident and remind him to relax and in no time he will be a pro. He also thoroughly enjoys car rides and is a great passenger to take a trip with.

Tucker is completely housebroken but doesn’t enjoy spending time in a crate. He prefers to have the run of the house and doesn’t cause havoc when allowed to. Very well behaved in the home. Due to some allergies he is on a strict grain free diet, requires regular baths and allergy meds to keep his skin manageable and his itching minimal. This boy rests very peacefully all night through and even enjoys sleeping in. There will be no waking you up at the break of dawn. Just like a teenager you will need to be his alarm clock! Fluent in his basic obedience intently hanging on every word you say and when asked to do something he does it without hesitation. He will even protect you from extension cords, the vacuum and that evil steam cleaner.

With the right pup Tucker would do remarkably living with another dog. When having playtime with another pup he somehow knows when the other pup has had enough and will willingly back away. He even minds his business and ignores barking dogs when passing by. Unfortunately this cutie is not cat savvy so he does need to reside in a cat free home. Due to his high energy and excitement level residing with little kids might be a bit much for all parties involved so teenagers or older would be best. Imagine all the joy and happiness Tucker can bring to your life. Now picture life without him curled up by your side. Kind of a sad thought don’t you think? So what are you waiting for? Hurry to the shelter today to inquire about him! He is spending time with one of our amazing foster families. Someone will sweep him off his paws before you know it and if you aren’t quick you will miss out on a great boy.

To inquire about Tucker, contact the Manchester Animal Shelter, 490 Dunbarton Road
Manchester. Phone: (603) 628-3544. By email: info@manchesteranimalshelter.org.

The cost to adopt a dog under the age of 7 from the Manchester Animal Shelter is $275. To learn more about the adoption process, click here.

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