Tractor-trailer crashes, head on, with tom turkey on I-93

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NH Fish & Game Conservation Officer Chris McKee with a turkey, who unfortunately did not survive the ordeal.

LONDONDERRY, NH – The truck driver saw the turkey coming. He even slowed down to try and avoid what happened next. But it happened – a 20-pound tom turkey on a collision course with doom crashed through the windshield of an 18-wheeler going 60 mph on I-93.

NH Fish and Game Conservation Officer Chris McKee was called by NH State Police to see if he could help rescue the injured turkey, who was left to flap around inside the cab after the driver got out safely.

“It was absolutely one of the most unusual calls I’ve ever had,” says McKee. 

McKee says he grabbed some gloves he had in his truck and went in after the bird.

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From the inside: A turkey crashed through a moving truck on I-93 in Londonderry.

“There was a ton of glass inside the truck, and the turkey was covered in it, too. He was trying to fly out, but I got a hold of him and wrapped him under my arms. After that, he stayed calm. I put him in a pet carrier and loaded him up to take him to the wild animal rehab,” says McKee.  

But when they arrived about a half-hour later, the bird was already a goner.

“I’m sorry to say he passed away from his injuries. He definitely had a broken leg and some internal injuries, from the impact of hitting a truck going 60 miles per hour,” says McKee.

As for the truck driver, he refused medical attention, although he had many lacerations from the glass, says McKee.

“The driver had cuts to his face, there were shards of glass everywhere. He said he was lucky he was wearing sunglasses, because the cabin was covered in glass,” says McKee, who has been with the NH Fish & Game Department for 10½ years. “It was definitely a call like no other I’ve had.”

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