TOD doubleheader Aug. 25 & 27: What if you could live, work, and play in a place where you didn’t have to drive a car?

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MANCHESTER, NH – Dig into a draft of the development plan for the South End of Downtown Manchester and then discuss during an online event Aug. 25. The event, Manchester’s Draft Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Plan Presentation, is free and open to the public. Click here to reserve your free online ticket.

The public comment period is open through Sept. 15. A presentation is planned before the Board of Aldermen on Sept. 1.

Busy that night? You can also chime in during a second online event, Aug. 27, hosted by the Millyard Museum, where the transportation plan will be framed in the context of the history of the city in a presentation called Manchester on the Move: Transit’s Role in Building the City. Click here to reserve a free ticket for that event.

Over the last year, Manchester’s Transit-Oriented Development planning effort explored ways to add new condos, apartments, offices, shops, parks, and plazas all within a 5- to 10-minute walk of a new shuttle service, bus hub, and rail station in the South End of Downtown Manchester.

The resulting plan provides a framework for investment in new streets and paths designed to encourage walking and biking in a compact, attractive, and well-signed new development. The draft plan places an emphasis on walking, biking and transit to get around, so parking takes up less space. The result is a compact neighborhood where fewer people need to drive for everyday trips.

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Excerpt: See full TOD plan below.

The Draft Transit-Oriented Development envisions a livable community for all ages. The plan would give residents an improved quality of life through better access to jobs, shopping, healthcare, parks, and entertainment. By including everybody in this planning effort, a growing number of senior citizens, young adults and people who cannot or prefer not to drive will have new lifestyle options within the City.

The City of Manchester, Manchester Transit Authority, business owners, property owners, and citizens have come together to develop a plan for a better future for the South End of Downtown Manchester. All are invited to review the Draft Transit-Oriented Development Plan online at the following URL, or also view it below as an embedded pdf.

Please also join us on the project website to learn more about the planning process and discover what others are saying about Manchester’s Transit-Oriented Development plan!

For questions, comments, or more information about the Transit-Oriented Development Plan, please contact James Vayo, Project Manager for the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission by email at or by phone at (603) 669-4664. The period for public comment will end on September 15, 2020.

How to get involved:

Over the 15-month planning process, there have been many opportunities to participate.

Here’s how you can get involved today:


  • Subscribe/register to the project website to receive email updates when new content is published.
  • Review the Draft Transit Oriented Development Plan and share your thoughts on the FEEDBACK tab.
  • Get the word out by sharing this project with your neighbors, family, and friends.
  • Read the entries in the UPDATES tab of the project website to learn about the latest project milestones.
  • Review the files linked at the bottom of this INFO tab of the CoUrbanize website.


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James Vayo lives in Manchester and is a project manager at Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission.





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James Vayo is a resident of Manchester who is committed to fair housing in his city.