3-on-3 youth basketball tournament a collaborative effort

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Photo/Mike Quigley

MANCHESTER, N.H. – In a collaborative effort to engage local youth and promote community spirit, the Office of Youth Services (OYS) joined hands with MY TURN to organize a three-on-three basketball tournament over the February vacation. The event, tailored for middle and high school-aged youth in the Manchester region, saw enthusiastic participation from 42 energetic players.

Hosted by West High School, the tournament allowed young athletes to showcase their skills on the court while fostering camaraderie and sportsmanship. Amidst the spirited matches, players exhibited commendable sportsmanship, making the games competitive and enjoyable for all involved.

 The culmination of the tournament brought forth deserving victors, with Team Elite emerging triumphant at the middle school level. At the same time, Team West High School claimed victory in the high school division. As a token of appreciation for their dedication and prowess, the winning teams were awarded $50 gift cards, courtesy of MY TURN.

Reflecting on the significance of such community events, Christian, a junior from Memorial High School, emphasized how three-on-three tournaments serve as a unifying force, bringing together diverse community members while providing constructive engagement for young players. “Three-on-three tournaments bring the community together and keep kids busy,” said Christian, echoing sentiments shared by many participants.

For Jacob, representing Parkside, the tournament was not just about showcasing basketball skills but also about cherishing moments with friends. “I got to be with my friends being here, and I love playing basketball,” said Jacob, underscoring the social aspect of the event.

 Similarly, Jake highlighted the importance of such gatherings in providing recreational opportunities and fostering community cohesion. “I enjoy the three-on-three because it brings people from the community together and gives us something to do,” said Jake, encapsulating the sentiment echoed by many participants.

As the sounds of cheering and the squeak of sneakers fade away, the success of the three-on-three basketball tournament resonates as a testament to the power of collaboration, sportsmanship, and community engagement in nurturing the talent and spirit of Manchester’s youth. With such initiatives, the Office of Youth Services and MY TURN continue to pave the way for a vibrant and connected community.

For further inquiries or to get involved in future events, please contact the Office of Youth Services or MY TURN.

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Photo/Mike Quigley

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