Three men arrested at Veterans Park on drug charges

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MPD courtesy photo

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Three men alleged to be “shooting up” on drugs in the northeast corner of Veterans Park were arrested on Monday.

The first man was 37-year-old Dennis Nugent. Nugent currently doesn’t have a home address and was arrested for alleged possession of a controlled drug or narcotic. According to police reports, Nugent was in possession of Suboxone, a substance used to treat opioid addiction that can cause series health problems if misused. Additional information was not immediately available.

The other two men were also homeless and had outstanding warrants. The first, 32-year-old Daniel Cruzado Martinez, was arrested for alleged theft by unauthorized taking, failure to appear in court upon personal recognizance, and criminal threatening. The second, 34-year-old Timothy Chandler, was arrested for alleged driving with a suspended license. After officers discovered undisclosed prescription pills on her person not prescribed to him, Chandler was also charged with alleged possession of a prescription drug.

Nugent is scheduled to appear in Hillsborough Superior Court – North on Sept. 26. Chandler and Martinez were arraigned in Manchester Circuit Court on Tuesday morning.

Manchester Police Department Chief Carlo Capano said these three arrests are part of the unintended consequences of bail reform measures, noting that since reform measures were enacted earlier this year most people accused of crimes are immediately released after arraignment.

“Our officers are doing all they can to enforce New Hampshire laws, but they are too often being released faster than officers are able to complete reports,” said Capano. “When they are held for arraignment, they are often released the same day.”

Anyone accused of a crime is innocent unless proven guilty by a court of law.

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