Third arrest since Oct., this time for assaulting officers with X-Acto knife in hand

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Ousman Trawalley mug shots, from left: Oct. 1, 2015, Nov. 11, 2015, Jan. 6, 2016.
Ousman Trawalley mug shots, from left: Oct. 1, 2015, Nov. 11, 2015, Jan. 6, 2016.

MANCHESTER, NH – Police arrested Ousman Trawalley, 24, again.

This was at least the third time since October Ousman has been in trouble with Manchester Police. This time he’s accused of assaulting several police officers after they responded to a call for a man wielding a knife at people in the area of Hanover and Beech streets.

When Ousman was arrested in October as part of Operation Granite Hammer he was charged with possession of crack cocaine. He was arrested again in November and charged with stealing someone’s iPhone after first asking for money, then helping himself to one of the guy’s earbuds to listen in. He then allegedly ran off with the phone and tussled with arresting officers before he was taken into custody. At that time, his residence was listed as Virgina.

On Jan. 6, Manchester Police officers on patrol responded to the area of Hanover and Beech streets at 12:55 p.m. looking for a man who was reportedly waiving a knife at people. Police found a man fitting the description of the knife-wielding guy, later identified as Trawalley, in front of the New Hampshire Employment Security parking lot.

Officers Marc Lachance and Ryan White approached Trawalley and attempted to conduct a pat down search when Officer Lachance noticed Trawalley concealing an unknown item (later identified as an X-Acto knife) in his shirt sleeve. Officer Lachance ordered Trawalley to drop the object. Instead, Trawalley tried to slip the knife out of his sleeve and into his hand. Officer Lachance was able to maintain control of Trawalley’s hand as Trawalley continued to struggle with Officer Lachance and then punched Officer Lachance with his free hand as Officer White aided his partner and transitioned Trawalley to the ground, police said.

Additional officers arrived and assisted in gaining control of Trawalley, who was extremely combative at this point, according to police. He allegedly kicked Officer White twice during the arrest process. First, Officer White was kicked in the chest as he and other officers attempted to place him into handcuffs. They ultimately gained control of him, took possession of the knife and walked him toward the transport wagon. Police say Trawalley kicked Officer White a second time as he was placing a “noncompliant” Trawalley into the transport wagon. Sergeant Eric Knight was also kicked when he attempted to secure Trawalley with a seat belt.

No officers were seriously injured during the arrest process, police said.

Trawalley’s “uncooperative behavior” continued during the booking process, according to police, so he was transported to Hillsborough County House of Corrections. Trawalley was charged with 5 counts simple assault; resisting arrest/detention; violation of bail conditions; and three unrelated warrants. He was scheduled to appear in the 9th Circuit Court-Manchester on January 7, 2015.

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