There’s no need to fear, D&P Undercar is here

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D&P Undercar on Calef Road delivered great service at a great price, and I’m here for it!

Screen Shot 2017 03 12 at 6.18.45 PMLike a gang of superheroes for your cars and trucks, D&P Undercar is ready to help and literally at your beck and call (603-627-3552) located at 55 Calef Road (just off Elm Street). I was referred to them because I needed a new exhaust system for my little old 1989 Toyota pickup truck and had gotten quotes that were very different (as in much higher) from what I got from D&P, so I went for it.

The work performed and the price point was so good that I felt I needed to add a bottle of holiday cheer and a tip when it came time to pay up. After all, indeed they were helping me and my loved ones to have a Merry Christmas. As soon as they finished the exhaust system I requested a price to fix an issue with our family car and, voila, again a much better quote than I’d gotten elsewhere. Once the job was finished I was feeling quite blessed and compelled to add a Merry Christmas tip to the bill.

Having more than a few issues with the family vehicles and feeling like I’d found the right place at the right time to solve them, it was time for a quote on a bigger job, I inquired about some rust on the Toyota and was given a business card for New England Rust Repair (it says “I want your rust” right on the business card).

I learned that at least for now this business is under D&P’s roof and I’ve been scheduled to “give them my rust” at the end of January.

In the meantime, I’m going to get some info and advice on their quote from my big brother down in Pennsylvania, who used to be in the auto body business, but for now it’s looking pretty good.

From all I can see – including past experience with D&P (turns out we’d gone there many years ago for a car with a problem I can no longer recall) I’m sure I’ll have another good experience.

In a day and age when you’re never sure you’re getting what you paid for, I can’t thank all of the members of D&P enough. In the end, I had to ask, “Are you here for the working guy to finally catch a break?” Every detail on the phone with Michelle was good from the start and didn’t change at any time. She is knowledgeable and what she doesn’t know, she finds out and gets back to you very quickly.

It has taken me a while to deal with some of these vehicle issues. If, like me, you’re frightened by the price of a necessary car repair or even if you just need an inspection or to fix some rust, take heart; you’ve got a friend at D&P.

D&P Undercar, 55 Calef Rd, Manchester, open Mon. – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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