The Spoapbox: ‘What I know about Representative Dick Hinch’

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What I know about Representative Dick Hinch:

  • He has been one of Merrimack’s NH House Representatives since 2008; House Majority Leader 2015-2018 and Minority Leader 2018-2020.
  • He has not sponsored any PFAS contamination bills, which is odd as that is the signature issue in Merrimack. Although he voted for PFAS bills sponsored by the four Democratic representatives from Merrimack, he failed to use his influence to encourage other Republicans to support this legislation.
    • In a curious twist, his current campaign message is for ‘clean water and holding polluters accountable.’ Why now? The promise to hold polluters accountable coming from a Trump-loving Republican has the same credibility as President Trump talking his wonderful health plan for the U.S.
  • He is rude to women, mocking women’s issues by wearing pearl beads during House discussions.
  • He takes credit for work done by women. See Wendy Thomas’ recent letter on this topic in the Patch. My own example is Representative Jeanine Notter who posts updates on Merrimack Facebook forums that start: From the Office of Representative Dick Hinch and Rep Jeanine Notter. They are all submitted by Rep. Notter and the contents are links to work done by neither of them (e.g. NHHS daily summaries about COVID19 infections). Besides my annoyance that “From the office of ….’ wording implies authorship of content that is not true, Hinch does not seem to have any role in these posts. The ‘work’ is all done by Notter. Nice free ride, Rep. Hinch!
  • He failed to issue meaningful rebukes regarding egregious behavior by Republican House members, the most egregious being that of Representative Forsythe and Representative Spillane, but also inclusive of Republican representatives who refused to attend required gender sensitivity training.
  • He does not value the political process; Minority Leader Hinch refused to support the extension of the legislative year upon return from the COVID-19 shut down because he was not asked nicely (Karen #1). The NH Senate worked hard to save much of the year’s work by crafting omnibus bills. I loved Hinch’s ‘Karen #2’ moment when he complained to the press that he did not have time to read those big bills (because he did not approve the time extension!). Awww.

Merrimack and NH deserve better.

Beg to differ? Agree to disagree? This is your space to sound off. Thoughtful submissions welcome. Send to, subject line: The Soapbox, of you can DIY it here.

Patricia Teden lives in Merrimack, NH.

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Patricia Teden

Patricia Teden is Chair of the Merrimack Town Democratic Committee.