The Soapbox: Have you lost hope in our democratic process?

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Stand up. Speak up. It’s your turn.

Have you lost hope in our democratic process? Have you noticed how the Democratic party is not even letting people choose who will represent them? Are you literally disgusted with the political dysfunction between the two major parties? And does all this make you feel tempted to just sit this one out – and not even get involved to vote in the NH primary? 

Well, please don’t give up hope. Now is not the time to roll over, whine about how bad things are, and not even engage in trying to make things better. 

Because there is hope. There is a candidate who is not influenced by Big Corporate money. A candidate who understands that we need economic justice in this country so those willing to work can afford a house, a college education, healthcare, childcare, and a vacation! A candidate who will address climate change, toxins in our food and water, war and peace. She will bring a deep understanding of the root causes of our problems to the presidential table, and share ways we can address them with her clear blueprint of policies and programs. 

Interested? That candidate is Marianne Williamson. Visit to learn about her vision for a UNITED States. Don’t be fooled and sidetracked by the media smears and false narratives. See and hear her for yourself! She will be debating Dean Phillips on Monday, Jan. 8 at the Doubletree Hotel in Manchester. Visit her website and click on issues to learn more about her vision and proposals for improvement in our country. 

She will be returning to our wonderful state and speaking at many other various events – giving you the opportunity to meet her – and ask her your questions! See ‘Events’ on her website page for specific details. 

I’m totally inspired that we have a candidate that – with our help and support – will make our country safer, healthier and vibrant again. 

I hope to see you at the voting polls on Tuesday, March 23, 2024. 

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About this Author

Judi Lindsey

I'm a retired educator in Candia. Presently serving on our Planning Board and Chairing the Candia Conservation Commission. Volunteer/Ambassador for Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson. Is that brief enough?