The Producer: For Jim Roach, timing was – and still is – everything

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Jim Roach, production king at the Palace!
Jim Roach, production king at the Palace!

MANCHESTER, NH – Chances are if you see a comedy or music show at Manchester’s Palace Theatre, it was booked and produced by promoter Jim Roach, of JJR Productions.

Mike Morin, left, with Jim Roach.
Mike Morin, left, with Jim Roach.

Jim’s reset took him from being a radio station promotions director to his own successful business of staging live shows, often with talent he represents. So what could possibly go wrong?

Sit back, relax and enjoy Jim’s story of reinvention.

Longtime broadcaster and author – and now podcaster – Mike Morin, explores mid-life changes that redirect our path toward happiness with Reset: 40 is the New Happy podcast series.Mike Morin is a broadcaster, author, speaker and now podcaster, busy celebrating life’s second acts via the airwaves. Maybe you can help: Are you rediscovering yourself beyond 40? Do you  have an interesting “second-act” to share? Do you know someone who left their career to follow their dreams? Contact Morin at and you could be the next person to add “inspirational voice of reinvention” to your resume by sharing your story on Reset: 40 is the New Happy.

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