The Barking Tomato: Noshing for news at 2nd Annual Toques & Tonic

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The Barking Tomato, reporting from Toques & Tonic in Boston.

BOSTONBarking Tomato, MA – The 2nd annual Toques & Tonic event to benefit the Barbara Lynch Foundation was held April 10 at the Boston Children’s Science Museum. In the end, $250,000 was raised to help support two programs in the Boston public schools –  Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship and The Cookbook Project.

About the Barbara Lynch Foundation

The Barbara Lynch Foundation was established in 2012 to empower urban youth in at-risk Boston communities with the essential life skills to get Up and Out!

Inspired by Chef Barbara Lynch’s own story of growing up in the projects of South Boston, the Barbara Lynch Foundation is dedicated to providing leadership, education, and vital resources to inner city children and families.

This work is accomplished through innovative culinary and entrepreneurship programs designed to reverse chronic lifestyle-related disease and connect young people to educational programs that inspire them to stay in school, recognize business opportunities, and plan for successful futures.

Carolyn ChoateAbout The Barking Tomato: Carolyn Choate loves to chew on food. Literally and figuratively. In the kitchen from her garden in Nashua or her favorite market, a restaurant across town or across the globe. When not masticating, Carolyn is likely swilling wine or spirits as neither is far from her heart – or lips. Forget diamonds and Louboutins, she’d rather blow a wad on Pinot Noir and grass-fed filet with fresh sautéed morels. And write about it. You taste the picture: The “Barking Tomato” aspires to push your “foodie” button. Carolyn’s day job is producing local affairs programming for WYCN-CD. You can contact her at

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