The Barking Tomato is a Basket Case (in a good way) at Angela’s Pasta and Cheese Shop

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Geez! So many, many marvelous international cheeses! Photo/Carolyn Choate

One early December morning well-spent in Manchester and my foodie Christmas list is all but wrapped up! In beautiful baskets with festive cellophane. Ready to ship across the city or across the country.  

At Angela’s Pasta and Cheese Shop, 815 Chestnut St., there’s una gran quantita – that’s “oodles” in Italian – of imported gourmet Italian specialty foods like cheeses, pastas, dried-salamis, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, olives, wine, and, of course, entire shelving units devoted to holiday sweets decked out like jewels in pretty little boxes.  Biscotti, miniature panettones, anise cookies. Oh, my!

Sorry, Harry & David, but working with Linda – one founder Bob Falcioni’s, three daughters – to select amongst Angela’s grand cache of hard-to-find exquisite cheeses was more invigorating than deciding between Gouda and Monterrey Jack to send my savvy Aunt Norma in Scottsdale.  And way more fun. How’s about some authentic Parmigiano-Reggiano, Taleggio, or Dolce Gorgonzola?

Angela’s gift corner has a tasteful assortment of hand-crafted wares. Photo/Carolyn Choate

Not from the boot of Europe?  Angela’s Pasta and Cheese Shop is multi-cultural with French, Spanish, Greek, and other global food destinations represented in the well-appointed corner store bustling with devotees new and old.  

Guys like John Lemire of Manchester who estimates he’s been getting the goods and royal treatment from Angela’s since 1984.  A 22-year veteran of the Air Force, Lemire was stationed in France and Germany collectively from 1964 to 1979 before returning to Manchester with his French wife.  He said he continues to marvel at the variety of Old-World products available.  

Today there’s an ever-growing list of New Hampshire-made products too –   21 as of now, and ranging from Fox Country Smokehouse’s meats and cheeses; Doug’s Best Batch salsa; and Aissa Sweets’ fine Syrian pastries. 

One of three Angela’s doting daughters, Linda Falcioni, has valued customers like John Lemire for close to 40-years. Photo/Carolyn Choate

Other holiday ideas?  Here are two biggies. Angela’s custom order hot/cold party platters are legendary.  And what a thoughtful gift for your guests. Imagine those delectable artisan cheeses sliced and paired with some of Italy’s famed cured meats from Angela’s deli counter:  mortadella, hot and sweet capocollo, salumi, soppressata, prosciutto.  Add pasta dishes made on-site with their tender, homemade pasta and meat sauce and, mangia! Angela’s party offerings beat any generic grocery store fare hands down.  Give the staff 7-days’ notice so they can accommodate you completely.

The writing’s on the wall: fresh pasta made on-site and cut to order. Photo/Carolyn Choate

Lastly, you’ve worked hard all year and stayed off the naughty list.  Do yourself a flavor and indulge in something that will make your taste buds or your kitchen smile.  Since I’ve been very, very good in 2019, I did both; I purchased a pound of fettucine cut on-site from their freshly made pasta sheets, a jar of Valicenti Pasta Farm Red Gravy from Hollis, and a stunning hand-thrown pasta platter from Angela’s tasteful gift corner.  Buon Natale e Felice Anno nuovo, everyone!

Angela’s Pasta and Cheese Shop, 815 Chestnut Street, Manchester 

Homemade pasta, meat sauce, lasagna, manicotti, & ravioli.  Cheese and wine from around the world.   603-625-9544 Mon.– Fri. 9 a.m.– 6 p.m.  Sat. 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.

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About The Barking Tomato: Carolyn Choate loves to chew on food. Literally and figuratively. In the kitchen from her garden in Nashua or her favorite market, a restaurant across town or across the globe. When not masticating, Carolyn is likely swilling wine or spirits as neither is far from her heart – or lips. Forget diamonds and Louboutins, she’d rather blow a wad on Pinot Noir and grass-fed filet with fresh sautéed morels. And write about it. You taste the picture: The “Barking Tomato” aspires to push your “foodie” button.



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