Tentative agreement reached for 3-year contracts with firefighters unions

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Common ground: The city and IAFF Local 8 Photo have reached a tentative agreement. /NH Labor News

MANCHESTER, NH – The Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Tuesday reached consensus on a three-year tentative agreement with both the Manchester Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local  856, and the Manchester Firefighters Supervisors Association, IAFF Local 3820.

The deal calls for both units to add to their $100 HMO and $250 HMO Healthcare plans a $250 site of service overlay plan for the first two years and in year three, all HMO plans will be the $250 plan with the site of service overlay. All new hires will be enrolled in the HSA plan for their probation period but will have the option to change to the HMO plan after that.  New hires will also not receive the double bump at 10 years of service.
The members who were due merits and longevity steps while out of contract will be put on the proper step on the pay scale with no retroactive pay.  For 2018 members will receive 1.5 percent cola and merits and longevity steps which will  be retroactive to July 1.
In both July 1 of 2019 and 2020 members will receive a 2.0 percent cola.
“After Anthem provides educational sessions on the site of service plan for our members, the union will hold informational meetings for the members on the other Tentative Agreement items.  Ballots will then go out to the firehouses, where they must stay for 10 days, and the 209 members will have their say on the TA’s,” said Jeff Duval, President of IAFF Local 856.

Read the tentative agreements are below: