Tech Talk: How to start a podcast

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Podcasts have never been hotter than they are right now, and this is the PERFECT time for you to get in the game! Whether it’s for profit or for fun with your friends on a Friday night, podcasting is the way of communication for the future and it has sunk its teeth into our daily culture. Everyone, from Snoop Dogg to Joe Rogan, has a podcast and it has proven to be a VITAL way to reach your desired audience in the comfort of their own home. Or iPhone. Or wherever they may listen to podcasts. You don’t have to be rich, famous or anything like that to have your own show. To put it simply, if you have a device with access to the internet, a microphone and a topic you’re passionate about to share with the world then you are ready to roll, my friend. Now is time to get your digital front set up!

This article is going to give you major steps to get yourself started in the world of podcasting! I really hope the fans of my articles will find use in these Tech Talk articles OR have someone that they can share this information with and still have these articles be effective! I have a passion to help people and I have found myself blessed enough to do so. Aside from starting podcasts and currently being on multiple podcasts, I want to spend the time that I’m doing these shows, helping people learn how to get their own started. Having the knowledge I do have is useful to me, but useless overtime if I don’t use it to educate others on how they could be making content for themselves and achieving goals by not being roadblocked, all because they don’t have someone like me to give the guidance and light the way.

So with that mouthful said, welcome to my first TECH TALK article at Manchester Ink Link. Let’s get right into, “How to make a podcast!”

Here is my current setup: BLUE YETI Microphone, Lenovo laptop and a NEXIGO 1080p camera.
Here is my current setup: BLUE YETI Microphone, Lenovo laptop and a NEXIGO 1080p camera.


So you want in on the podcast game! Well, let’s get started. First things first, equipment! What makes a podcast attractive? You guessed it. Voice quality! Before we go any further, would you want to listen to a TV show or movie with scratchy-sounding voices? My guess is no way, no how! So let’s get you set up with some great options! Below you will see a few products that are priced below $50 which is nice and affordable!

Microphones under $50

(These are FANTASTIC low-budget options if you are looking to spend within the $50 and below range! Alternatively, if you have a smartphone and want a faster route out of the gate, I highly recommend that you download ANCHOR by Spotify! Many successful and influential podcasts are made directly from iPhones to this day!)


So, what’s the topic you want to talk about? Do you want to start a business podcast or an entertainment podcast? Are you going to start a solo podcast or an interview podcast?

It’s ENTIRELY up to you.

My friendly suggestion is that you talk about the topic which you are passionate about and which you have some knowledge about. This will really shine through the airwaves, there’s nothing better than listening to someone talk about a subject that they are truly passionate about!


It’s obvious that you need eye-catching podcast cover art to impress and grab your potential listener.

Your podcast cover art is the first impression your potential listener will see in iTunes or the app of choice they use for podcasts.

Here are some tips for creating the best podcast cover art.

  • Your podcast cover art must be 3000 x  3000 pixels (minimum size is 1400 x 1400 pixels)
  • This image should be in .jpg or .png file format and the RGB colorspace.
  • Use high-quality images. Get royalty-free images from these amazing photo downloading sites.
  • Don’t use so much text. Some podcast player automatically shrinks the podcast cover art to fit smaller containers. So it will be nearly impossible to read more than three or four words.

You can easily create awesome podcast cover art using Canva or Snappa for free.


OK, here is where you get to have some FUN! I have seen all types of podcast names, anywhere from “The Dan Patrick Show” to “Walk to Work with Us Podcasters.” As the names state, the first show is about a man named Dan Patrick, the second being a show that lets the audience join in on their “walk to work.”

The ‘Your Name’ Show formula is one of the most used podcast branding styles. It is effective but just know that you can add your brand name or some keyword to optimize your podcast to rank on iTunes.

(*Tips to optimize: Use keywords like ‘Online Business’ and ‘Blogging Podcast’)


Three things that listeners will pay attention to RIGHT OFF THE BAT. Podcast NAME, your cover art/logo and lastly but just as important…your show DESCRIPTION.

For a heads up, only a maximum of 4,000 characters are allowed on iTunes to describe your show. PLEASE REMEMBER your podcast description should be engaging, descriptive, and straightforward.

You should tell everyone the benefits they will get after listening to your podcast. Also, PLEASE MAKE SURE to add some keywords to SEO, optimize your podcast and to rank well on iTunes.


Time to have fun! I suggest that you start recording your first podcast episode on Audacity or Spreaker!

Spreaker is great because it is THE unrivaled podtech solution for publishers and large distributed teams to effortlessly manage their podcasts. They have tools for podcast publishers that include everything needed to grow, while providing you with options to customize some features in order to meet your needs.

One of Spreaker’s main advantages in comparison with Anchor is that you can have multiple podcasts under one account and fully monetize your podcast. Here are some of their main features: 

  • Multiple podcasts hosting
  • One-click distribution
  • Monetization via dynamic ad insertion 
  • Full statistics 
  • Embedded player 
  • Limited access podcasts (to boost your membership program!) 
  • Live podcasting
  • Customizable RSS Feeds

Spreaker’s free plan includes five hours of audio storage, so depending on your episode’s length and frequency, that can get you going for a couple of months. Their paid plans start at $6/mo.


Ok so by now, you have spent the past 10 or so minutes reading about the way to start a podcast for yourself in 2021. I have provided helpful tips, tricks and deep insight that shall lead you to success here today! As a podcaster myself I have enjoyed having success in the field and being on more than one podcast currently is an adrenaline rush quite unique and like none other. If you all enjoy THIS podcast article I would be more than happy to do a second follow-up one, that goes deeper into detail, gives breakdowns on monetization and things of that nature.

I’d love to hear from you! Send feedback to

Are you ready to start a podcast? 

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