TECH TALK: How to Podcast using Anchor FM!

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Welcome to Anchor!

We have done two articles so far on: 1) How to start your podcast and 2) the best, most affordable Mics under $300! Now that we have the first two crucial; steps out of the way, today’s article is to show you the EASIEST and FASTEST way to get your podcast distributed to various podcast hosts like iTunes (WHICH IS A MUST HAVE) so that no matter what app your listeners use, they can hear your voice!

Let’s get into Anchor FM! You can easily create your own podcast—then distribute to all major listening apps. All for FREE! Create and distribute your podcast for free with Anchor, a Spotify company. Monetize your podcast. One-click distribution. Podcast with friends. Record from anywhere. Show the world your fantastic Manchester NH content!


With Anchor FM offering free hosting services AND distribution, you’d be CRAZY to not consider allowing Anchor to do the heavy lifting here. Yes, there are other sites and ways to get your podcast distributed but Anchor FM has been one of the most reliable services in the history of podcasting. Get on Anchor, get your show out to the world! You own the rights to all of your content and can host unlimited episodes for free, always!

With automatic distribution to all major listening apps you will be heard around the world! Reach a wider audience instantly with one-step distribution


Reach a wider audience instantly with one-step distribution. Or, manage your RSS feed and distribute your podcast yourself if that’s the choice you want to make!


Anchor is a very excellent invention, it is highly detailed, IAB 2.0 certified metrics make it stand out from the rest. What that means is a perfect system to measure your audience all at once and help your show grow all in one single dashboard interface! Accurate, reliable data all in ONE place!


OK, so let’s finalize and get your podcast launched on Anchor FM!

  • Make your first episode: if you’re not totally ready then try making a trailer for your podcast!
  • Set up your podcast: Like we talked about in a previous article, choose your name and cover art. Make sure you are standing out from the crowd because EVERYONE is podcasting now!
  • Podcast distribution: once you have an episode launched, Anchor FM will help you get your show out everywhere INCLUDING APPLE AND SPOTIFY! HYPE!
  • Set up Monetization: Enable monthly donations from your listeners, or get matched with brands who want to sponsor your show. More on MONETIZATION HERE
  • GET LISTENERS: THAT’S IT! Now it’s time to tell everyone about your show, how cool and shiny it is, and that they can find it on their go-to-podcasting app because you use Anchor FM and that means your podcast is now distributed worldwide! Time to grow your content!

Watch this very helpful YouTube video on AnchorFM and see why it is the #1 choice for podcasters like me & you!

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Mike writes from the perspective of a long-time city resident, Black man and father of two. He works for the Manchester school District and has been a volunteer for local youths for more than 20 years. He is also an avid gamer, networker and entrepreneur. Mike values family above all.