Take this house, please: You can buy this $640K historic home for $29K, but there’s a catch

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MANCHESTER, NH — For sale: One amazing Victorian mansion, a historical treasure with all the ornate bells and whistles. Assessed at $639,900, but you can walk away with it for just $29,900.

Or drive away with it, or have it air-lifted. But the point here is, you buy it, you move it.

That’s right, this gem at 147 Walnut Street — the Chandler House — is up for grabs but the buyer must agree to move it from its current location to make way for a parking lot for the church next door.

It was built in 1878 and features 30 rooms with three fireplaces, and a chapel. And on Oct. 21 it was announced as one of the state’s 2015 “Seven to Save.”

Greg Barrett of Kas-Bar Realty says the possibilities for repurposing the former convent are endless —residential, commercial, office, lodging or civic organizational uses.

It’s being sold “as is” and based on the photos (see the slideshow above) there’s a lot to love about this house, and it can all be yours, for less than 30 grand.

Manchester’s Bishop has set a sale deadline of Nov. 30.

Click here to read the listing, and more photos.

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