Takakeisho remains undefeated

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Takakeisho (in purple) remains undefeated after six days (screenshot)

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FUKUOKA, JAPAN – Takakeisho stands atop the leaderboard after the sixth day in November’s basho as the only undefeated rikishi remaining.

His latest win came through a tsukiotoshi victory over the Brazilian-born Kaisei, who missed several days near the beginning of the tournament. Kaisei lost balance after the tachi-ai and the nimble Takakeisho slipped around his opponent, giving Kaisei a gentle tap to the back, aiding gravity on Kaisei’s trip to the floor.

With the win, Takakeisho has now won his past 12 matches, stretching back to September.

With 12 days remaining in the basho, Takakeisho is one win ahead of six other rikishi currently at 5-1, with another seven still in the hunt at 4-2.