Takakeisho keeps championship hopes alive

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Takakeisho on Day 10 (screenshot)

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FUKUOKA, JAPAN – On Day 10 of November’s Grand Sumo Basho, Takakeisho improved to 9-1, continuing his quest to become the first komusubi to win a tournament since Kaio in 2000.

The 22-year-old quickly defeated Hokutofuji with a flurry of vicious slaps, shoving the top ranked maegashira out of the dohyo within a matter of seconds.

Takakeisho has no room for error, as the four rikishi one loss behind him heading into the day won their bouts, with another pair of three-loss rikishi also added victories to their tally.

On the other side of the ledger, Chiyomaru and Chiyonokuni clinched losing records for the tournament, putting the number of clinched make-koshi at three so far. That group could grow on Day 11, with four more rikishi holding 3-7 marks.