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Who do you count amongst Manchester’s ‘Most influential’ Franco-Americans?

Clearly, there is no shortage of important and influential Franco-Americans in the saga of Manchester — your Memere and Pepere among them — but after much thought and research, I have put together an extremely subjective list of my own Top Nine, and I chose nine merely to avoid the cliché of Top Ten lists. Continue Reading →

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A brief history of bad habit prohibition, or, I’ll bet you didn’t know loafing is illegal here!

Hey you! Yeah, you, the one dozing in the lounge chair by the pool! Get up and go to work! Don’t you know you’re breaking the law?
And you, you lazy slug. Get out of that hammock! This is Manchester and we work for a living around here, buddy. It’s the law. Continue Reading →

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Healing power of peas: Remember when Manchester was the Habitant Soup hub?

You can say chicken soup is the universal remedy for the winter sniffles. But for centuries, the cagey Quebecois have had their own populist remedy for the common cold, and not suprisingly, that remedy found its culinary zenith right here in Manchester. Continue Reading →

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City fathers almost waited ’til the cows came home to erect Town Pound

Apparently, the decision to erect a Town Pound was a major civic undertaking. It made the current Presidential Primary campaign look like table talk at a poker game. We’re just hoping the Presidential election is resolved more swiftly than the Town Pound debate – it lasted 90 years – or our grandchildren won’t be alive to see Chelsea Clinton’s granddaughter take the oath of office. Continue Reading →

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