Letters to the Editor

Letters: Mediation Fails to Resolve Fire Contracts

Historically, since the inception of the city’s proposal and adoption of the Yarger-Decker pay scale, cost of living adjustments have been consistently applied to the City’s Unions. This year the City has been reluctant to follow this decades-old practice. Jeff Duval, President of Local 856, has stated repeatedly, “The Fire Fighters in the City are not looking for more than anyone else, we simply want to be treated the same as the other groups. The cost of living doesn’t change based upon what City department you work for.” READ MORE
Safe Station Update

How do we quantify Safe Station ‘success’?

Is a “success” someone who is admitted to a program, clean for a month, then uses once and turns back to the program to get back on track? Or is that a “failure?” If someone who goes through and is clean for years but falls off the wagon one day a success or a failure? This is a disease and one we are still learning about every day. Look at other diseases like cancer. If you undergo radiation and chemo and are clear for years but it comes back, do you automatically look at that like a failure or was it a success? READ MORE